Ab Roller: 70-Year Old Grandpa Reveals His Secret to Great Abs

Ever wondered how to develop your abs without painful sit ups? Well you can with trunk twists, lower ab raises and stomach suctions to give your stomach a more tapered and trim appearance. You can also use a tool such as the ab roller, which is simply a bar put through a wheel.

In the video below, this amazing 71-year old grandpa demonstrates perfect form using the ab roller. For beginners, use a pad under your knees, and as you get stronger you can try a few with your knees locked out. Intrigued? Then follow on for Ab Roller: 70-Year Old Grandpa Reveals His Secret to Great Abs!

The below is part transcript and part editorial from our team:

This is Java, and I’m back again. I love calisthenics! It gives me understanding, wisdom, right character, love. Hate is my enemy. I know a lot of you guys have one of these ab rollers in your house, right? I never do sit-ups, Sit ups can ruin your back! Now I’m going to show you how to use the ab roller in the right way.

You’ve got to have a decently strong core and a strong back to do this, and this ladies and gentlemen is the safe way. Start on your knees, your weight goes down, you keep your toes down. The toes should be on the ground, not rising up.

When you get stronger, you can do it my way. The only thing that’s gonna touch the ground is your toes as your knees will be locked out, and up off the floor. Please be careful when doing this at home if you do decide to try it! You’ll need preparation, take baby steps. 

It’s great when you can get to full extension of your body during this move, all the way out. It’ll take patience though. This is all for longevity, so it takes time. 

Calisthenics is my religion. I love and do all forms of calisthenics, it can be the most demanding form of exercise at times, but ladies and gents, you can exercise wherever in this world you take your body. That’s a great gift knowing that you can always keep yourself fit, gym membership or not.

You can make an ab roller out of a dumbbell you have lying around the house or you can buy one for between £25-50 that’s going to be lightweight with foam-covered handles to make it more comfortable to use.

Have you tried using the ab roller? What was your experience like with it? Comment below!

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