5 Leg Workouts You Can Do With an Exercise Ball

There are heaps of different types of equipment when it comes to fitness, both at home and at the gym. The exercise ball is a simple piece of exercise equipment but has the potential to work your body in many ways with highly effective, tailored workouts. Read on to learn how you can strengthen your leg muscles in 5 Leg Workouts You Can Do With an Exercise Ball!

1. Stability Leg Raises

Exercise ball leg raises make for excellent workouts when it comes to building a strong core and thigh muscles. Start by laying on your back with your legs flat on the ground. Like regular leg raises, lift your legs above the height of your head and keep them completely straight, but balance the exercise ball between your shins and have your feet together to stabilize it.

Balancing the exercise ball on top of your shins and ankles will create more stress on the body to keep the ball balanced as your legs move. This workout is a great exercise to strengthen your balance and focus as you have to keep the ball on your legs while preventing it from rolling towards you.

2. Rolling Lunge

Lunges have always played a role in building leg strength, and rolling lunges take this exercise further. Use the exercise ball to rest one leg while keeping the knee at a 90-degree angle.

Start with the other leg straight and then bend at the knee to lower yourself; keep your back straight for better results. The extra weight will target your leg muscles and build more strength and stamina.

3. Bridges

This exercise is a typical leg workout you can do with an exercise ball, and bridges can be done in multiple variations that work out different parts of your leg.

Lay flat on your back with your hands flat at your side. Place both feet on the exercise ball with straight or bent knees, and raise your hips off the floor to straighten the body. This low-pressure exercise is a great way to unwind after work. For more benefits, hold the position for 30 seconds at a time.

4. Wall Squat

Squats are a typical workout for stamina and muscular endurance. A wall squat involves hugging the exercise ball with both arms; then, while facing the wall, perform a squat without letting the ball or your arms touch the wall. Controlled strength while squatting will require some degree of care and focus.

5. Standing Russian Twist with Lunges

This workout involves a mixture of movements with an exercise ball to boost your leg’s stamina.

Cradle the ball in both arms and have both legs spread about shoulder width apart. Twist your torso from left to right and shift your feet so your toes point in the same direction. Every time you twist your body one way, perform a lunge to work out your thighs, calves, and obliques.

With the exercise ball, you’ll see great results that will motivate you to do more with your legs. Use these exercises to improve balance, strength, and familiarity with this useful piece of fitness gear. Have you used exercise balls before? If so, what are your fave exercises using them? Comment below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Jennifer Dawson

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