5 Great Reasons to Dance Zumba!

Dance yourself fit with Zumba! These fast-paced, adrenaline-boosting, heart-pumping exercise classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and are a great way to keep fit and healthy inside and out. Accompanied by a Latino-influenced rhythm, Zumba combines merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton, paired with uplifting music and routines to work your whole body – how can you say no to that! You will be left satisfyingly sweaty and red- faced, energised and eager for the next class. Read on for these 5 Great Reasons to Dance Zumba!

1. Gives you a full body workout

Zumba is a great exercise to engage and workout your whole body. With the high tempo music and quick steps, this will get your cardio, your heart rate rising, whilst your legs, arms, glutes and core stretch out and tone up. Your muscles will be activated and your endurance put to the test. Feel the burn, learn to work with and form a better connection with your body.

2. Builds strength and flexibility

The involvement of your whole body increases overall strength. You will have improved coordination, enhanced flexibility, balance and become stronger with each class you take, both physically and mentally. Your muscles and joints will become more resilient and your posture will benefit positively. Zumba is a great way to release any tensions and stretch out the length of your body.

3. Burns calories and fat

In the average 40-minute class, you can burn up to 600 calories. This activity can boost metabolism, leaving you feeling energised and quickly able to recharge and get ready for more. Fit Zumba into your weekly fitness routine and you’ll be left feeling fit, strong and in great shape sooner than you think!

Learn Zumba with the great Lucia Medina (centre, in orange) from Spain!

4. Mood-boosting

With the loud, positive music and exciting movements done by your instructor and along with the routines, your endorphins will be boosted throughout Zumba classes, leaving you buzzing and in a good mood afterwards. The release of various neurotransmitters will promote this good mood and work to reduce any lingering stress or anxieties you might have.

5. Fun and sociable

Zumba has a great community feel to it. You dance as a team and as mentioned, with Latino-inspired, rhythmic upbeat songs you really do feel like you’re at a party. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people who want to have fun through exercise, keeping fit, healthy and happy too!

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Cordelia Aspinall

Cordelia has recently graduated from the University of Bristol, and is currently a Freelance Writer with a burning interest in health and fitness. She's a running addict, a yoga bunny and Zumba enthusiast who loves cooking and trying out new recipes. For her, life is all about happiness and she strongly believes that a healthy lifestyle is all about balance -go for a run then eat that cake! She also advocates the benefits of exercise on your physical and mental health as a great way to clear your head whilst challenging yourself. Her next goal: the London Marathon!

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