Top 10 Dance Styles!

Dancing is a great way to keep fit and whats better than staying in shape to some of your favourite tunes? Heres the lowdown on our Top 10 Dance Styles with something to suit everyone!

1. Zumba

In the world of dance, this style is only relatively new – and it looks like it’s caught the world by storm.

The word Zumba actually means “moving quickly and having fun”. It involves a series of aerobic movements to Latin American music. Unlike traditional fitness classes, Zumba involves more variation, rather than just repetitive movements.

2. Ballet

Historically, it’s one of the more classical dance styles but it’s in no way out-dated! In addition, it’s not just children that are doing it – adult ballet classes are more popular than ever before. It’s renowned for improving balance and flexibility.

3. Breakdancing

This will really get your body spinning! Originating from hip-hop culture, the art of “breakdancing” involves a series of moves interacting with the floor. With dance moves like the ‘Worm’ and the ‘Moonwalk’, it’s no wonder that this infamous style works wonders for your entire body – whether that’s working up a groove on the floor or strutting your stuff in a spin.

4. Ballroom and Latin

Strictly Come Dancing has set a trend – and it looks like it’s here to stay. With so many unique styles – Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Jive, Rumba….no wonder you’re soon able to sway your body for hours in the moonlight. And you don’t need to already have a partner – your class instructor will set you up with a partner who has a similar dance level to yours – whether that’s beginner, intermediate or advanced.

5. Tap

Now this dance is sure to tease out your innate rhythm! Tap dancers wear special shoes with metal plates which make that unique “tapping” sound on the floor. But it’s not just tapping your feet that gets your rhythm going – a brush, shuffle and a flap are all different moves you can combine to dance the night away.

6. Street dance

Now this unique dance style didn’t originate from within a studio, but outside in open spaces such as school playgrounds, parties and the streets – hence its catchy name. This urban style will encourage you to get your whole body moving and improvising with freedom to choose your own moves.

7. Belly dance

Fancy a bit of culture? Have a liking for bright costumes? Here’s one for the ladies. This Middle Eastern dance style involves independently moving different parts of the body, performed in bare feet. Belly dancing moves are natural to a woman’s bone and muscle structure, so it’s a great way to tone up.

8. Salsa

Another great dance influenced by Latin American culture. It’s sassy, sophisticated and sensual. This hip- swaying-dance style incorporates a range of spins, turns and unique feet movements which you learn to do in  sync step with a partner.

9. Line Dancing

Line dancing is where a group of people dance in one or more lines to a choreographed set of steps in an order or sequence. It’s a great way for newbies to improve fitness and you don’t need a partner, making it delightful for going out and meeting people. All kinds of music soul, latin, pop, Irish etc can be used and while it’s easy for newbies it can get more complex and dynamic as you advance.

Many think this style was invented by cowboys, but it actually came out of 60’s soul music. You may remember Billy Ray Cyrus’ infectious 1992 song Achy Breaky Heart which also helped popularise the style!

10. Pole Dancing. No, not the type you’re thinking of! Pole dancing for fitness is becoming a popular trend in sports centres around the world. A series of acrobatic movements performed on and around a vertical pole makes for a great dynamic workout for the entire body, strengthening your core as well as both arms and legs.

If your hidden dancer is beginning to emerge and take hold of you, check out this video and see how many different dance styles you can spot!

Victoria McAnerney

Victoria is a keen health enthusiast with a passion for understanding how behaviour can be adapted to live a better, healthier lifestyle. Studying a degree in Health Psychology has helped her to understand the importance of psychology in healthy living and motivational behaviours. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and has recently taken up ballet. At Southampton University she was also part of the ballroom and Latin Dance Society.

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