4 Tips for an Effective, Life-Long Detox

Our bodies are amazing are they not? They’re like the cameramen, directors and producers of the movie on the big cinema screen we call life and we wouldn’t be able to act out our parts at all if it wasn’t for them. Given the vast intelligence that governs the systems of our body, (they know how to regulate themselves) it’s a bit of a misconception that we ‘need’ detox diets. Want to know how you can enhance your natural detoxification system? Then read these 4 Tips for an Effective, Life-Long Detox!

1. Stop drinking alcohol (or at least, minimise it)

If you shout “TGIF!” once the clock strikes five at work and can’t wait to head to the local bars and clubs to have rounds of gin and tonic, perhaps you should start to do this in moderation or completely stop it.

Alcohol is metabolized in your liver, enzymes in the liver turn alcohol into acetaldehyde which is a known cancer chemical, the liver recognizes the cancer chemical as a toxin and eliminates it from your body as a harmless substance called acetate. Excessive drinking however can cause inflammation and fat buildup which will eventually damage your liver and, as a result, disrupt the natural course of this detox. Staying away from alcohol is the best way to protect your liver’s ability to detox itself.

2. Drink water instead of alcohol

Water is much more than something to quench your thirst after your gym session or to have a shower under. Water regulates your body temperature, aids digestion and detoxes your body by cleansing out and removing waste. Drinking water allows waste products such as urea and carbon dioxide to be transported out of the body through urine, breathing and sweating. Not drinking enough water can cause these waste products to build up in the blood.

3. Decrease your sugar, processed foods & salt intake

Consumption of beverages with a high sugar content can lead to a disturbed liver which affects how the liver functions. You can get away from processed and sugary foods by eating more fruits and vegetables which are naturally sweet; like berries, grapes, bananas and apples.

Consuming too much salt causes you to retain excess fluid which leads to bloating, your body releases an antidiuretic hormone that prevents urination and therefore prevents detoxification. To promote detoxification eat foods that are rich in potassium counterbalancing the sodium content in salt, so foods such as potatoes, kidney beans and spinach are great to eat for detoxing.

4. Flex those muscles!

Performing exercises at the gym, going for runs in the park or doing callisthenics is great for preventing and reducing inflammation which can weaken your immune system and cause disease. Curl yourself into those sit ups, accelerate those triceps on push ups, and get bodyweight squatting with rhythm for a couple of minutes per day allows the detoxification system to work with a marvellous and predictable efficiency.

The body is efficient enough to detox your body without resorting to endless supplements and diets that fail to specify what toxin they aim to remove. What we can do, is ensure that the organs that do carry out the natural detoxification processes are strong and healthily maintained.

So if you want to feel stronger and live longer, swap out those chocolate bars for fruit, keep yourself hydrated all day with water and make sure you get your sweat going at home, in the park or at the gym. These are natural ways to detox. Be smart; remember these 4 tips and let the intelligent system of your body do the real heavy lifting of supporting your life, for you!

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Khadisha Thomas

Khadisha Thomas is a student pursing a degree in Journalism and Media Communications. She has an athletic history representing schools she's attended in competitions in the 200m and 800m sprint. She's now geared towards working out in the gym. She's passionate about reading, writing, and food. She's currently exploring diets that substitute meat for other sources of protein, starting with pescatarian and gradually transitioning to vegetarian.

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