3 Powerful Ways to Maintain Fitness Motivation and Consistency!

With 2019 almost coming to an end, it means people will soon begin setting their (you know) resolutions for the big 2020. One of the most notorious resolutions of them all is yep, you guessed it, fitness goals. With the festive period usually being a jolly time to spend with family and feast on an abundance of lovely food and drink, January becomes the time to ‘get real’ and start shedding those accumulated pounds. Well, how many do you think actually achieve those goals? According to a recent study in the United States 73% of those who set ‘New Year’s resolution fitness goals’ failed to reach their desired goals. Want to gain a head start with momentum to carry you on throughout the year, and not just at the start of the New Year? Then read on for 3 Powerful Ways to Maintain Fitness Motivation and Consistency!

1. Fitness motivation 101: Remind yourself why you’re doing this

As the saying goes, ‘If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it’. That’s right, it’s not easy. But you can attain your target easier with the right mindset and approach. Referring to the study above, some of the excuses given are; difficulties in finding time to work out, difficulties in following a strict workout and diet plan, and being unable to get back on track once they didn’t see results.

Don’t let these be your excuses, you’ve promised yourself to become a healthier, fitter and stronger version of yourself. Constantly remind yourself of this and take action. Stick to your promise, don’t break your promise to yourself – consider it a sacred trust! 

2. Break down your goals into small, achievable milestones

Divide your long term goals and set milestones along the way, that you will be able to achieve. When you reach those milestones, your morale will receive a real boost. “Measurable progress in reasonable time” as the great motivational speaker and teacher (to Tony Robbins) Jim Rohn used to say. Now how can your mind argue with that?

Make sure to set small and achievable yet realistic tasks. Setting yourself goals that you cannot accomplish or make any headway with whatsoever will only set you up for frustration. Don’t waste your time, and energy doing figure 8’s, and not actually making any forward progress!

3. Always have alternatives on hand to combat the ‘what ifs’

What if the gym is packed and you can’t find space to work out? What if it’s raining and you are unable to go for your run? What if you have to attend an obligatory event and can’t work out? Such things are common. In fact, given the frenetically busy lives many of us lead, some disruption of our plans are quite likely. Your answer? Well thought-out alternatives.

Rather than queue up impatiently waiting for the squat rack to be free, recharge your fitness motivation, and get creative. You can always find a space elsewhere to do some bodyweight squats, dumbbell squats, and lunges. If it rains and it’s impossible to go outside, you can jump rope in the house, do step-ups on your stairs and even some fun exercises like jumping jacks, burpees, high knees, stretching, yoga poses, use your exercise bike or rowing machine – the possibilities are endless! 

Deposit your performance in the ‘bank’ of sweat equity for great returns

If you face difficulties, revert back to the first step. There will be moments when you encounter psychological struggles and snags. During these periods, it’s imperative to stay mentally and strongly resolved, visualize the end goal and vividly see in your mind’s eye how great you’ll feel and look when you seal in at least today’s workout and deposit the performance in the ‘bank’ of your sweat equity! The interest payments are out of all proportion to your effort if you make it your business to get daily consistent about it!

Always remember, discipline weighs ounces, but regret weighs tons…

Think, feel and believe for a minute or two, in your stronger, fitter and healthier version of you. Put it on your vision board. Then you’ll soon be having those realisations of gratitude when you look back and say ‘Wow! I made it’. Remember: discipline weighs ounces but regret weighs tons.

Your success story of your fitness motivation will resonate among your peers, friends, family and your network. You will be able to share it with many others, in fact, pass it on – infect others with your contagious, positive, healthy, energetic new and improved version of you!

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions for your fitness only to find that you run out of steam after the first month? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Keep your fires stoked with more of our motivational articles to ensure you have an amazing 2020 while Keeping YOUR Fit ON!

Jenson Rajkumar

A Youth Football coach, Jenson played football untill University. He's also a qualified PE and sports coach, coaching fitness and sports in Primary Schools. Overall, he's a lifelong sports and fitness fanatic, as well a fitness blogger.

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