5 Amazing, Healthy Green Foods You Must Eat!

We consume so many different things in a single day. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, all the snacks inbetween and quick trips to the shop in passing, it’s rare that we ever take the time to notice the actual colour of our food. You may think that the colour of food doesn’t matter, but it does. The colour of food can suggest artificiality or wholesomeness, which both seriously affect whether or not you live a long life. Even though St. Patrick’s Day is not until next March, it’s never too early to represent and appreciate the colour green, with your basket or trolley and consequentially your plate. Read on for 5 Amazing Healthy Green Foods You Simply Must Eat!

Doctors have stated that the green pigment in plants called chlorophyll increases blood cell production and aids in better oxygenation, so if you eat more green foods you won’t be feeling breathless and lethargic.

Also chlorophyll is responsible for improving circulation detoxification. Green plants also contain lutein, a phytochemical that helps in minimizing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration which often occurs as you age.

Therefore to age gracefully we should eat green foods. Researchers have found that green foods are teeming with minerals, folate and flavonoids which all function to stop unstable molecules called free radicals from damaging our bodily cells.

So, now that you have a clearer idea of the truly wonderful benefits of healthy green foods, below are some of them that you should regularly include in your diet if you don’t already.

1. Green Olives

You don’t need to fly to Greece to order a salad at the restaurant you dine at to experience the green olive. Green olives which you can buy just about anywhere, are packed with nutrients. Olive oil is also better to cook with because it doesn’t contain artery-clogging properties.

2. Green Tea

Instead of drinking carbonated beverages at the university library or having those sit on your desk at work, indulge a green tea. Green tea is packed with catechins which reduce the likelihood of you getting tumors and cancer.

3. Green Apples

These are great for baking in pies and crumbles, and also of course, stand alone as a great snack. Just slice it up thin and dip it into peanut butter for a scrumptious snack. Apples contain pectin and fibre which help slow the release of blood sugar thus keeping your energy levels high and your hormones feeling stoked!

4. Avocados

These creamy, melt-in-your-mouth queens of green have a mild natural sweetness, and if that doesn’t tempt you enough, the fact that they are a rich source of easily assimilated omega-3 fats and protein should.

5. Kale

This rubbery textured leaf is great mixed in smoothies, soups or pastas. This is a rich green food that truly makes you strong because it contains more calcium than milk and helps balance the sodium in our diets with potassium for healthy nerves and muscles.

Foods that are green – no matter how light or dark the shade are aesthetically pleasing but furthermore can improve your personal aesthetic too. Eat these foods and within 2-4 months you’ll notice clearer, less-wrinkled skin and even a flatter stomach. Don’t just pick up foods and not ignore the colours because they tell you a lot about what you’re about to introduce into your system. Green foods are powerhouse ‘sun-traps’ of awesome energy that you simply must eat if you want to be fit and live a long life. Here’s to your 20/20 vision of your healthiest version of you yet, in 2020!

Are you into your greens; which chlorophyll-fuelled combos work best for you? What effects have you noticed since adding greens to your diet? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, and of course, don’t forget to check in daily with your body and Keep YOUR Fit ON!

Khadisha Thomas

Khadisha Thomas is a student pursing a degree in Journalism and Media Communications. She has an athletic history representing schools she's attended in competitions in the 200m and 800m sprint. She's now geared towards working out in the gym. She's passionate about reading, writing, and food. She's currently exploring diets that substitute meat for other sources of protein, starting with pescatarian and gradually transitioning to vegetarian.

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