Weight Loss & Working Out: 5 Things You Should Know!

Weight gain is a problem for a huge amount of the population, a problem that is becoming more serious because younger people are increasingly reaching the point of obesity, burdened by the pressures of everyday life, thinking about everything – except their health, so we decided to present you some weight loss tips. The physical aesthetics aspect is a smaller part of the problem, although with social media pressures, it often doesn’t seem like it!

Being overweight, there will often be bodily struggles accompanied by a predictable series of problems, so visits to the doctor will likely happen sooner or later. And it all started due to laziness. Here are some of the most important things you need to know when you start your weight loss journey in Weight Loss & Working Out: 5 Things You Should Know!

1. Mix Cardio & Strength Training

Cardio training or strength training? It can be an endless debate! When deciding how to train, think about your goals first. What do you want from training? The amount of calories you will burn during training depends on several factors; your body weight, training duration, the relationship between active work and rest, your fitness level, and your training intensity.

Cardio training is good because of its ability to burn calories during exercise and it also uses a large percentage of stored fat calories. Why? At lower exercise intensities, the body uses aerobic metabolism, which in the presence of oxygen breaks down fats and uses them as a source of energy. To know more about the process of renewing your metabolism check out this article by Tazafit.

2. Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer

Many people try training alone. After a while, due to the lack of results, they come to the conclusion that it’s not so simple after all. They then realize that they still need someone with a more experience and knowledge in order to move on and achieve the desired results.

When we look at training from the angle of a long-term process, as something that should not only have the continuity, but also the right motivational dynamics, we realize that hiring a personal trainer can be a smart investment. It is not in human nature to suffer when one does not have to! If you’re in the middle east, you can consider hiring a professional, for example, you can find a certified and expert personal trainer in Abu Dhabi to achieve the desired results.

3. Change Your Bad Life Habits

Weight loss is a process, and training to reach the ideal weight is just one of the steps in that process. When you reach the weight you want, the struggle to maintain healthy habits often begins. That can sometimes be harder than the entire actual path you have taken to reach that ideal weight.

4. Don’t Eat Bad Food

Avoid sugar – excess sugar is actually empty calories that are converted into fat. They are found in sweets, juices, but also in pasta and bread, so the intake of these foods should be limited. Also, avoid industrial food – chemical additives found in the industrially processed food irritates our bodies and should be stringently avoided as much as possible.

Some of the best personal trainers advise that you should not consume food that you know you cannot store at home.

5. Find Some Support

The bigger the problem, the stronger the support should be. The support of your environment, friends, and family are crucial in these cases. Coach support will be necessary when it comes to motivation, planning, and monitoring your training. Find these people to help you pin down your weight loss reasons and to maintain your motivational strength, and don’t quit, be accountable to them and yourself!

What would you like to say on the subject of weight loss and working out, do you have a coach or personal trainer? Let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram!

Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson is an experienced freelance writer who specializes in food and nutrition. Working in fitness marketing previously gave her a good feel for the industry and since going freelance she has been able to explore her preferred topic areas such as diet types, nutrition and food. Outside of work, Jen enjoys traveling, swimming and spending time with her young family.

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