Top 5 Ways to Start a Sustainable Diet!

Nowadays following a diet that is more plant-based and focused on reducing consumption of animal products is a topic at the centre of attention. Accumulating evidence suggests that the benefits are far reaching, encompassing environmental, ethical and keep fit health benefits. For that reason, knowing a few simple how-to’s of how to eat a sustainable plant-based diet is important, so read on for Top 5 Ways to Start a Sustainable Diet!

1. Buy in bulk
Buying cupboard items in bulk not only saves your pennies but it’s also a good way to reduce the amount of unnecessary food packaging. Similarly buying vegetables and fruits that are in season is cheaper and they can be frozen if not consumed quickly enough.

2. Plan your meals
Having a meal plan helps reduce food waste which is a problem worldwide. It makes sense that knowing the quantities of food needed to prepare a meal can have positive effects on the environment and weight management as well. Eating the right amount of food that was cooked at home is great when weight loss is the goal.

3. Reduce meat and dairy intake
The key is to become more aware of where the food comes from and choosing free-range or organic animal products if desired. Becoming a part-time carnivore (as opposed to an habitual one) or a flexitarian who chooses quality over quantity could be an option. There is enough evidence to suggest that it is not only a way to go for health reasons but for the environment too.

4. Simplify
There is no need to be a chef as simple goes a long way! It is not necessary to overcomplicate dishes with sauces – real wholesome foods (perhaps lightly steamed) are naturally flavoursome by themselves and may only require some gentle herbs and spices to bring the flavours out.

5. Read the labels
When on the go, reading the label of the food item is important to check for the hidden sugars, fats and salt. Otherwise, a piece of fruit is always a great option for on-the-go snacking. Stay tuned to Keep Fit Kingdom as we’re covering a lot more of these this season; everything from jackfruit to mango, to lychees, passion fruit and much more!

So, the message is simple: eat more plants consider reducing your meat intake and/or make wiser choices in general. Knowing where the food comes from and how it was produced is key to eating a sustainable diet. There is enough information out there to show that making savvy choices are highly beneficial to your health and the environment into the bargain. So, why not try one of the 5 ways to eat more sustainably today? Keen to share your views on this? Let us know below or @KeepfitKingdom ! 

Vesta Simkute

Vesta is currently studying to complete her MSc Nutrition in Practice degree. She loves thinking, talking and learning about food and nutrition by experimenting in the kitchen or exploring the science side of it. The focus of her own eating philosophy is natural produce and simplicity. Once qualified as a Nutritionist she aims to inspire and empower people to create a sustainable diet that optimises their health.

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