Top 5 Vegan Protein Shakes!

The incorporation of a protein supplement before or after training muscles can assist with energy boosting, fat loss, muscle repair, muscle maintenance and muscle growth, in short helping you to achieve your goals faster. Here we’ll be talking about such supplements that are organic and ‘free from’ too, so train mean, get lean and keep it clean with these Top 5 Vegan Protein Shakes around right now!

1. Sunwarrior: Classic Plus Organic
Utilising the proteins derived from brown rice grain, peas, chia seeds, quinoa and amaranth Sunwarrior Classic Plus is a hypoallergenic protein drink that provides the perfect balance between taste and benefit. With all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes your body needs to repair and build muscle after exertion, this is a great example of plant based protein packing a punch. The texture is smooth not grainy and utilising stevia and natural raw cacao or vanilla extract depending on the chosen flavour, is sweet and tasty like an authentic shake!  Available in Chocolate, vanilla or unflavoured.

  • Calories per serving: 100
  • Grams of protein per 30g serving: 17

2. Garden of Life: Raw Organic Protein Powder
Undeniably delicious and smooth in all flavours ‘Raw Organic Protein’ is another great example of organic, ‘free from’ protein. Furthermore, with the naturally derived vitamins, minerals and amino acids from these plant proteins, ‘Raw’ delivers everything the body needs to repair and build muscle, without artificial extras. If that wasn’t enough, with a whopping range of 20 to 22g (depending on the flavour) of protein per serving, this supplement is by far the heaviest hitter on the vegan protein scale and matches gram for gram some of the top whey counterparts on the market.  Available in chocolate, vanilla, vanilla spiced chai or unflavoured.

  • Calories per serving: 110
  • Grams of protein per 30g serving: 20-22

3. Pulsin: Unflavoured Brown Rice Protein Powder
Made from sprouted wholegrain rice with no added fillers, sugars or sweeteners, Pulsin protein powder is the purest addition to our list. The protein content itself is formed from only one isolate – brown rice, which is among the highest at a massive 24g per serving! With this in mind this product acts as more of a supplement than a stand alone shake. However, if you add it to smoothies with other ingredients such as chia seeds, spinach or nut butters you can up the protein content yourself, while adding the flavour you want at the same time. Pulsin is definitely worth a mention due to the fantastic organic and ethical culture of the brand and being available at reasonable prices too.

  • Calories per serving: 35
  • Grams of protein per 30g serving: 24

4. Marvellous Superfood: Vegan Protein Shake Nutrient Pure Protein Powder
Another heavy hitter when it comes to taste, this ‘Nutrient Pure’ offering, is creamy and smooth, light and sweet, although it’s quite grainy so best to mix with a nut milk rather than water. Organic, vegan and free from refined sugars, it derives its sweet taste from the organic stevia, natural palmyra jaggery, raw cacao or Madagascan vanilla (depending on the flavour). With a healthy amalgamation of three protein sources: rice, pea and hemp, a recommended 30 gram serving offers almost 17 grams of high quality protein ideal for muscle building and repair post workout.  Available in chocolate or vanilla flavour

  • Calories per serving: 123
  • Grams of protein per 30g serving: 17 

5. Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury: Organic Superprotein Powder
A natural organic super protein mix that is a combination of pea, pumpkin seed, rice, hemp and chia seed proteins. Bursting with vitamins and minerals that support immune health as well as bodybuilding goals this protein powder blend is another great example of where a mixed series of plant based proteins, can provide an amazing protein per gram hit, matching many animal product rivals out there. The texture is smooth but again, but it goes without saying, that when they come in this unflavoured form, are obviously very bland. Having said that, if flavour experimentation is your thing, this is perfect because you can create your own concoctions. Try something like stevia, cinnamon, organic vanilla extract, ginger blended with avocado and kale for the perfect green, protein-rich smoothie. Unflavoured.

  • Calories per serving: 115
  • Grams of protein per 30g serving: 19.7 

So there you have it folks,  5 great vegan protein powders on the market right now. So whether you’re fresh into the fitness scene post 2016, or a die-hard bodybuilder give these a try and get ready to rock your 2017 and boost your gains!

Ellie Hutch

Ellie is a fitness, health and wellbeing consultant, published author and social entrepreneur. Committed to living a life of passion and purpose, she's a firm believer in positive energy exchange from a place of peaceful and present being and starts every day with meditation. You'll find her in the gym doing squats or running the streets of West London. Her mission is to regenerate and advance communities, contributing to a healthier, happier experience of life for all.

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