Top 5 Health Benefits of Sourdough Bread

Why might sourdough be healthier than whole wheat? Sourdough bread undergoes a fermentation process that may alter its starches, making it healthier. Whole wheat bread, meanwhile, undergoes a similar refining process as white bread and a lot of whole wheat products are still made mostly with white flour. Sourdough is also low GI due to the acid produced by a sourdough starter. Curious? Read on for more with our Top 5 Health Benefits of Sourdough Bread!

1. Sourdough bread is easy to make

Sourdough is such an easy bread to make and you can change or modify the flavour however you wish. Try adding turmeric, seeds or coconut for a healthy, wholesome twist.

2. Education for children

Kids are going to love making this bread with you. It is more fun than Play-Doh and sticky. You can educate your kids at the same time on healthy eating and they won’t even know! Nutmeg, Turmeric, Saffron. You can let the children smell each spice. Which one do they like best, and why? Once the children have made the bread and they are eating it, how about telling them an adventure story about where all the spices came from? Could the children even invent their own spice story?

3. Making sourdough bread is like meditation (well almost!)

Buddhist monks would tell you to live in the bread making moment – imagine the smell of freshly-made bread what could be more homely? And don’t forget you can bash the dough about first to relieve any frustration or stress. Sourdough bread-making is first a boxing match then it soothes you like meditation and finally it feeds you. What’s not to like?

4. It’s great for your body

Many loaves of bread need yeast to feed them to make the bread rise. In turn, this can then make your belly ‘rise’ too! Yeast is fed by sugar. This can also lead to unexplained tiredness as this yeast growth saps your energy. Can’t figure out why you are not losing weight? Perhaps you have too much yeast in your diet. And guess what? Sourdough bread is made without yeast. As you make your bread you’ll know exactly what goes into it.

5. Sourdough bread is sugar-free

This bread can be as sugar-free as you want it to be! You might be trying to lose weight or perhaps you are alarmed about the amount of refined sugar you and your family are eating. There are now so many sugar alternatives readily available these days; why don’t you try adding agave syrup or coconut nectar for a healthier sweet sensation?

Do you make sourdough bread; what are your thoughts on this bread as a home-made healthy alternative? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter Instagram. Here are more wonderful foods that can not only elevate your mood but also dramatically enhance your life, making it easier for you to Keep YOUR Fit ON!

Victoria Pearson

Victoria is a freelance writer and radio presenter with a special interest in health related subjects. She is particularly knowledgeable on Ayurvedic diet and yoga, with a keen interest in the vegan lifestyle. She is also educated in crystal healing, aromatherapy and hypnosis.

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