Mudnificent 7 (2019)

So, on the 17th of August, I’ll be running, crawling, climbing (and crying) through heaps of mud. Now, why on earth would I do that? I’m going up against hundreds of people through 7k of obstacles and dirt just for the experience really. Whilst it’s all a bit of fun, I can’t just slack on training – read on to find out about how I’ve been training and the challenges I’ve faced in preparation for Mudnificent 7 (2019)!

Go commando or with the flow?

The most obvious way was by running long distances. I stuck to my regular 5K and 10K runs to keep my fitness up and because in all honesty I don’t know how to approach the 7K. I mean, with 5Ks, I know to go easy in the first half and build up towards the end from there. In a 10K, my strategy is to just bob along to music and have a bit of fun. But am I going commando for the 7K or going with the flow?

Upper  body strength

Another thing I’ve been working on is my upper body strength. I can do a lot with my legs, but ask me to do the monkey bars at a park and you’ll be embarrassed for me. I haven’t joined a gym (as a student, my budget is tight) I just do weights at home and exercises at home that don’t require weights. It’s definitely improved my overall upper body strength – whilst I haven’t quite yet mastered the monkey bars, I can do push ups in sets of 30. For me (who couldn’t even do the beginner push-ups before), I’m quite proud of myself.

Need for speed!

Speed is something I’m trying to hammer down on. It sounds a bit silly, but I don’t have an elaborate strategy for that: I simply set off for work a little bit later so that I end up having to run for a few minutes and keep track of the speed. Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve been gradually setting off later and later, but I’m able to get there on time because I’m able to maintain a fast pace for a longer period of time.

…and a need to listen…

There’s also the downtime treatment which we all want to neglect. It was important to me that I didn’t throw away my summer training just because I didn’t want to take a day off. I’ve been relocated for work and I’d say it was just as productive for me to have a day to explore the city as it was for me to run 10K. Listening to my body was definitely a lesson I struggled to learn. But balancing a 9-5 job with training has forced me to take it seriously.

I don’t know how to feel about Mudnificent 7. I’m excited, anxious and everything in-between. But I’m going in with the mindset that it’s all an experience – my medal is the hot shower that comes after the mud bath! Have you tried any Spartan-like, Tough Mudder or Mudnificent-type events? What do you like most about them?Let us know in the comments below, follow the conversation with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Cheyenne Darko

Cheyenne is currently a student at Warwick University and trains for triathlons and cross-country running in her spare time. Her favourite hobby Is probably Zumba because it's such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and overall she just loves to dance. She's in the process of experimenting with her fitness regime and diet to find out what works best for her. She's also aiming to go vegan by the end of 2020!

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