Top 5 Health Benefits of Custard Apple!

Custard apple is a tropical fruit, originally native to South America, however Australia has become one of its largest producers nowadays. There are 2 main types, Pinks Mammoth and African Pride that can easily be found around the world, both have a light green colour when ripe and easily identified by the bumps on their skin. They have a very sweet taste with a creamy texture. They’re also known as “cherimoya”, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Health Benefits of Custard Apple!

1. Digestion
Custard apples are packed with fibre and copper, which help your digestion. They make for an excellent natural laxative; the magnesium present in custard apples helps in curing indigestion problems and prevents constipation. It’s also excellent for treating vomiting, gout and vitamin B6 deficiency.

2. Skin
Custard apples are not only a delicious fruit, they’re also a great source of vitamin C and A, which helps in the healing of wounds. Its paste is used to treat ulcers and boils. Consuming custard apple juice on a regular basis stimulates the development of new cells in the layers of your skin. Their leaves can also be useful as they are rich in antioxidants, for example, you can use them on your sunburned skin, and other wounds and drink tea made from its leaves.

3. B for brain
Custard apples contain vitamin B6 which is important for regulating moods and preventing mental fatigue. It also stimulates the formation of hemoglobin -the part of your blood that carries energy-boosting oxygen to the brain and other organs which in turn can help improve your memory.

4. Fights infections & helps prevent cancer
Custard apple is a good source of vitamin C, as mentioned above which helps the body to resist infection. It’s also high in iron, which is highly beneficial in curing anemia. The bark of custard apple contains astringent properties and tannins, which are utilized for making herbal supplements. These supplements help in the treatment of several types of cancer and tumours.

5. Better pregnancy
Custard apples are known to help cure morning sickness in pregnant women, they can also help in countering mood swings and cravings during pregnancy. Regular consumption of custard apple is also thought to help in reducing the risk of miscarriage and minimize the extent of labour pains during childbirth.

So, where can you get your hands on this fruit? The easiest way is to pop into your local Asian or Turkish grocery store as they usually stock them. Ripe custard apples will give slightly under pressure when squeezed, similarly to an avocado (you can also ripen darker green fruit at room temperature). How do you eat them? Simply cut in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Thanks to its creamy texture, by adding it into your smoothie you can take your favourite morning drink to the next level! How do you use custard apples? Tell us about it below or @KeepFitKingdom !

Eva Veghelyi

Eva is a young professional that works in the Marketing sector. She is vegan and has a great passion for cooking and experimenting with new healthy treats. She likes sport and loves to relax with yoga sessions. She loves travelling and documents her video adventures on her YouTube channel: Boulevards of Eva, which is also the name of her website. One of her goals is to create and manage vegan events. She believes we need to evolve by learning new things every day.

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  1. I do love the taste of custard apple. I like custard apple shakes too!

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