Student Fitness: 10 Real Tips for Keeping Fit on a Budget

Being a student is all about budgeting! Managing your time and money to eat, socialise, study AND pay your rent. It’s no easy task! On top of that, is taking steps to look after your health and maybe even improve your fitness. So whether you’re a fitness fresher or a seasoned student looking to get started, continue on to Student Fitness: 10 Real Tips for Keeping Fit on a Budget!

1. Create an Exercise Plan

This will take time, but as with everything, the more effort you put into it the better. Think about what your fitness goals are, do some research and tailor workouts to suit those goals that will also fit into your schedule. Then go from there.

2. Take Inspiration from Fitness Influencers

It’s tempting to buy an influencer’s 3-month plan and most of them do yield results. BUT most influencers frequently post videos of workouts that appear on their fitness plans anyway. So you might as well take notes from those YouTube videos and incorporate them into your own plan!

3. Scout for Gym Deals! (Keep an eye when the lockdown lifts!)

Follow gyms on social media before joining them. This way you’ll be notified of any deals they’re offering. The new year is always popular for special offers, but some gyms will randomly advertise no joining fee contracts throughout the year.

4. Workout at Home

Let’s face it, lockdown has proved that it’s more than possible and investing in a few bits of equipment is still far cheaper in the long run. Some good quality exercise bands will get you a long way. Just ensure you get to using them regularly.

5. Find a Space to Work out with Friends

If working out in accommodation is impossible, then why not band together with your friends and find a space. Whether that be in a public park or an open space on campus, setting a time and place with your friends will not only make your workouts more enjoyable but keep you accountable to a routine.

6. Join a Sporting Society

Whether you want to try a new sport or continue your existing one, sports societies will motivate you to add exercise to your routine and also join a community of like-minded people to share your fitness journey with.

7. Fitness Gear: Your New Best Friend

Being active means activewear, and student discounts mean that it’s not too costly. A top tip is to find your nearest fitness wear store (or just go online for now) for your favourite brands. For southern universities like mine, this might be Portsmouth where there are Under Armour, Nike, and Asics specialists to name a few. (Again you can find these all online, and deals are likely to be more attractive too!)

8. Be Sale Savvy

If you want products from online retailers, then plan for their sale events accordingly. Sites like MyProtein will often advertise their sales in advance. This gives you time to plan what you need and how much of it, hopefully to last you until the next sale.

9. Keep Things NEAT!

NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis takes into account your daily energy expenditure from structured exercise. It’s important to understand (so do some research) but for now, know that NEAT burns more calories than your workout does. So fit as much general activity, like brisk walks, into your day as possible.

10. Remember your Mental Health

When working on our physical fitness we can neglect our mental wellbeing. If you’re feeling stressed or not yourself, exercise can help tremendously. But also, you do need to invest in your self-care; eat your favourite foods and do activities you enjoy.

I hope these tips prove useful and help you progress with your fitness goals whilst at university. If you’re a student with some fitness advice of your own, be sure to share your hacks in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitterInstagram! Want more fitness? Then check out our personal experience; pros & cons of this Chloe Ting workout and the pros and cons of the Booty King workout too!

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