Booty King Workout: My Experience (Pros & Cons)

We know that squats are the ‘king’ of all booty-growing, and shaping exercises. In this review I’ll tell you how you can maximise the size of your glutes as well as their strength and function. Now, if you follow a lot of fitness profiles or influencers on Instagram, you may have come across the ‘Booty King’ either in an advert or on your suggested list. The man behind it is Anthony Osorio, an American PT who specializes in, if you hadn’t guessed it, helping you build your glutes.

I purchased the book, How Squats Can Change Your Life from Amazon, (Christmas is coming, so why not stick it on your wish list?) as well as his home programme back in lockdown, as I wanted to renew my fitness and wasn’t really spending my money on anything else. So, I thought I’d share my experience of both his programme and Instagram content, for anyone who might be interested in learning more, read on for Booty King Workout: My Experience (Pros & Cons)!


Firstly, the 3-month programme is actually really impressive results-wise. I saw a noticeable difference in my glutes after just 1 month! The programme isn’t just for that purpose though, the workouts are planned to tone the rest of your body as well and so I gained more muscle definition all over.

Of course, this was achieved with the help of a balanced diet planned around my macros and I also added a thirty-minute HIIT workout on most days or some cardio. However, remember that the effect exercise has on your body is unique to you, so when you figure out what works for you, you may not have to necessarily add anything extra.

Another thing I like about the programme is that once you purchase it, you are added to a private Facebook group, where you can talk with others who have also bought it. Everyone is really friendly and it’s a helpful touch, as you can share your progress, ask advice, discuss opinions, recommend products and motivate each other.

Even if you don’t buy the programme, I really suggest you follow him on social media as he posts some really useful content. I think he’s on most of the social platforms but most active on Instagram, and YouTube where he posts pointers for correct technique, motivational talks and explains the effectiveness of different exercises. One of the most impressive things he posts, in my opinion, is real-time transformations of his clients, as it proves the legitimacy of his content.


The programme comes with a meal plan but it’s very basic and not extensive. As mentioned previously, I decided to make my own meal plan and instead made use of the list of suggested foods provided.

Even though the plan does yield great results, the workouts are VERY repetitive for the price of the programme. So you have to really motivate yourself and be committed, in order to overcome potential boredom.

Also, a regular topic of conversation on the Facebook group is that the programme can be a little confusing when it comes to the given reps. For some exercises, it seems like far too many reps for a beginner, whereas on others, it’s unclear whether the stated number reps is the total for both legs or the number for each leg etc.

Lastly, some of the things he says about health and fitness generally, I disagree with as they can be a little controversial. But I suppose that will always be the case in the fitness industry, so all told, it’s only a minor negative.

In conclusion, my overall experience of Booty King and his glute-building programme has been positive and helped me progress within my fitness journey. Therefore, I highly recommend that you check him out on Instagram and YouTube and see what you think. I would definitely try out some of his workouts on there first before making a decision to purchase his programme, because it isn’t the cheapest! 

What do you think of the popularity of booty workouts and the global interest in this part of the body? If you want to take your glutes to the next level, I have good news for you! If you get yourself a copy of How Squats Can Change Your Life (which incidentally has a foreword by WWE and World Champion wrestler, Rob Van Dam) and obsess a little about the methods and techniques inside, you’ll be well on your way to making the very most out of your derriere in the next 6-12 weeks!

What are your aims for improving this part of your anatomy? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

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