Running Playlist: 10 Rock Anthems to Rev You Up!

When people ask, “what’s your favourite music genre?”, I always say that it’s a mixture, but if I’m honest with myself, my Spotify is dominated by rock music. With all the different types of rock music, the genre is insanely good for workouts no matter what mood you’re in. Whether you’re looking for atmospheric anthems or fast-paced tracks, I’ve put together a playlist of powerful rock songs with varying tempos for your next run or other workout in Running Playlist: 10 Rock Anthems to Rev You Up!

1. ‘The Runner’ – Foals

What a coincidence! It’s the consistent energy of the guitar riffs in this song that make it a staple of any running playlist. This song hits best either right in the middle or towards the end of your run, with the motivational (and very appropriate) lyrics giving your mind that extra push to overcome any fatigue your body may be undergoing.

2. ‘L’Etat C’est Moi’ – The Blinders

This Alt Rock song is for the runs that occur on very stressful or emotional days. Its punk essence means it’s great for emotional release and is loud enough to block out any unwanted thoughts holding you back.

3. ‘20/20’ – The Vaccines

One of my favourite bands that are sure to appear again on this list. The combination of fast tempo and vocals are guaranteed to take your pace up a notch, boosting you through the final stretch of your run.

4. ‘Who We Are’ – Imagine Dragons

I study creative writing and love movies, so often I latch onto music from films and picture scenes in my head to go with it whilst listening. This song was on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire album, so in hearing it I imagine characters running through a forest to evade capture, inevitably adding an extra charge to my own run.

5. ‘Swim for Your Life’ – The Pale White

Another high-energy Alt/Indie Rock track, with pounding drums that increase your heart rate at different intervals throughout. Perfect for beating your personal best time on your next run.

6. ‘Handsome’ – The Vaccines

Here they are again! This is one of the fastest songs on my personal running playlist and encapsulates a real vibe of running through the streets as a teenager, to get home before your parents realise how late it is!

7. ‘Mouth of the River’ – Imagine Dragons

This Alt Rock anthem is ‘calmer’ than the rest and has more of a spiritual atmosphere to it. It’s best for when you want to gear down and take in your surroundings, rather than finish your run as quick as possible.

8. ‘Paint it, Black’ – The Rolling Stones

Now I couldn’t make a rock playlist without them! With the gradual increase in tempo, this is the song for settling into your pace right at the start of your run.

9. ‘Highway to Hell’ – ACDC

Again, what’s not to love about this absolute classic! With its incredible riff from the off, it’s also a perfect song to fire you up from the moment your shoes tap the tarmac!

10. ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark’ – Fall Out Boy

Almost a hybrid of rock and pop, you can’t resist singing along to this one, even when you’re running. With its pounding drums and uplifting vocals this anthem is sure to supercharge your energy into overdrive.

There are so many more songs that I wanted to put on here, but hopefully this playlist gives you a base to start from. I hope it inspires you to add more rock (or other types of) songs to your workout playlist and to reflect on what music tracks really get you going emotionally and translate to get you moving physically! So which songs really get you going? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram

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