Resistance Bands: How You Can Get Better Fitness Results, Faster!

Eating healthy and sticking to a diet plan are parts of becoming fit. Similarly, exercises play an integral role in this journey and help you achieve your desired results. However, this is a bumpy road and many lose interest midway. The majority of times, it’s because people don’t get results as quickly as they would like. So, why is that? What can you do to get better results faster?

While some experts incline their opinions towards diet, others suggest tweaking the workout routine. Just clocking in and clocking out in the gym won’t give you results quickly, you have to put in some concentrated effort and go the extra mile. Below, you will find some of the best exercises, combining weights, kettlebells and resistance bands. The idea behind these workouts is to keep you motivated and give you an option to switch in between whenever you want to. Follow on for Resistance Bands: How You Can Get Better Fitness Results, Faster!

Can You Use Weights & Resistance Bands Together?

The combination of weights and resistance bands is by no means a bad one. Actually, it’s the perfect mix for achieving desired goals. Bands work like magic before or after lifting weights. You decide how to use your various options. Let’s find out some combinations that’ll work for you.

Using Resistance Bands After Weights

This combo will give you a synergistic effect that’ll get you better results. This is because, unlike dumbbells or barbells, the band increases resistance as it moves further. Try to incorporate a resistance band or two in your workouts.

Combining free weights and resistance bands involves performing a heavy, free weight set, followed by the same set with a resistance band. For a great workout, perform three, free weight and resistance band sets.

Resistance Bands with Weights

Resistance bands have certain advantages when it comes to building power. It’s easier to change up the speed of movement when exercising with them. In addition, they can accelerate your movement. If you want to build more power, combining free weights and resistance bands makes a lot of sense.

How Can You Max Out Intensity with Weights & Resistance Bands?

Adding resistance bands and free weight to the same set helps you to intensify that set. With what’s known as the ‘Jettison technique’, the set can also be extended beyond its normal capacity. Let’s use the barbell curl to illustrate how the Jettison technique works.

1. Select a barbell weight, and at the same time place the band under your feet. You should be able to perform 12-15 reps with the band resistance. Bend down to grab the bar as well. You then hold both the handles of the band and the barbell.

2. Complete as many repetitions as you can of the combination of barbell curls and band curls. You can then let go of the bands and rep out with the bar to failure. You should be able to get another 3-4 reps. However, you’re still not done.

3. Hold the band handles again and put the bar down in front of you. Now put in a final 6-8 repetitions with the bands.

Benefits of Using Kettlebells with a Resistance Band

As per your goals, you can find desired strength training equipment easily. But when it comes to stability and core strength, kettlebells are unmatched. Kettlebells are excellent for many reasons including building lean muscle.

A Complete Workout

You’ll burn fat and continue to build muscle, while also increasing your flexibility and range of motion in a different way. You can strengthen your chest, back, shoulders, and core by doing exercises such as rows, row pulses, and lawnmowers using a resistance band.

Building Muscles with the Combo

Resistance bands add tension to each movement, as opposed to kettlebells which are primarily used to work your active muscles. While exercising with bands, you can concentrate on your active muscles as well as stabilizing muscles.

By adding resistance to your warm-up exercises first with resistance bands, you’ll activate your muscles more effectively. As a result, your muscles will be better able to do their job during a kettlebell workout.

Add Variations to the Workout

Kettlebell workouts can easily be enhanced with resistance bands, allowing you to create new exercises with the same equipment. Resistance bands and kettlebells can also be used to do squats, sumo deadlifts, sumo rows, and push-ups.

Do you use resistance bands in your training? What are your preferred exercises using them? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram!

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