5 Awesome Kettlebell Exercises!

In recent years kettlebells have become one of the most fashionable pieces of equipment in the fitness industry. If you choose to add any of these 5 Awesome Kettlebell Exercises to your current routine you'll certainly find an overall improvement in your conditioning, flexibility, power, strength ...

5 Top Fitness Classes!

Have you stopped seeing results in the gym, or find that you’re getting bored of the same old workout routine a PT handed you 2 years ago? Then you should probably think about giving one of these Top 5 fitness classes a go, guaranteed to keep you motivated and burn a ton of calories at the same ...

10 Deadlift Benefits and Tips

The deadlift is an excellent exercise for strength and muscle gains. Here we look at 10 Benefits and Tips for Deadlifts and why you should incorporate them into your own training! 1) There are many variations of the deadlift which can be used to suit an individual’s goals, build, age, gender, ...

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