Reiki: 8 Ways it Can Help You Get the Most Out of Life

Familiar with the term Reiki? You might have come across it, in movies or in wellness publications perhaps. It’s an energy healing process and people who face certain ‘energy blockages’ appreciate having Reiki because it improves the flow of energy in their body. It’s not doctors who perform this procedure, but instead Reiki Masters who know how best to use this healing technique. Don’t worry if this all sounds a bit unusual, oriental or esoteric, we’ll guide you. If you think you might want to try out this mode of healing, read on for Reiki: 8 Ways it Can Help You Get the Most Out of Life!

The idea is that the Reiki practitioner places his healing hand on the patient’s body to improve the flow of energy. Approximately, there are 20 different parts but, if there’s an injury, the practitioner will place his hand above the wound in order to focus on it and encourage healing. 

1. Reiki helps emotional cleansing

Alongside physical health, your mental health needs sufficient attention. Emotional disturbance can harm your physical health too. Hence, why many welcome trying out Reiki as it can help release emotional trauma, helping you heal emotionally. The energy sent during a session of Reiki can help you feel inner peace and gain better understanding and clarity around relationships. Once or twice may or may not be sufficient however; but after a few sessions, you’ll start to feel the difference. It would likely help clear your mind, eliminating unhealthy elements from your mind and thence, your body.

2. Lifts depression

Many teenagers and young adults complain about being depressed; which could be due to massive exposure to so many varying and conflicting influences. But the real issue is how to get rid of it because merely swallowing pills is not the answer. In fact it may create a vicious cycle of dependency whilst never tackling the real cause. To help manage depression, it’s imperative to be able to shift or elevate your moods and this is where Reiki can be of great help. The energy of Reiki can help eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with constructive ones infused with good vibes. If you don’t believe this, ask any patient whether Reiki helps in curing depression or not.

3. Reiki enhances creativity

With improved peace of mind and calmness, through Reiki, you give your inner being a chance to light up. Usually, under stressful conditions, it’s easy to lose your focus. Sometimes energetic blocks restrict you, and these need to go. Reiki is all about making you feel fresh, light and stress-free. If you’re an artist or painter or someone in the creative arts, you should give Reiki a go because it could be the catalyst that helps give birth to new and brilliant ideas.

4. Fosters deep relaxation

Reiki hasn’t become popular without reason; it provides people a way to enter deep relaxation, and to calm the mind and senses. Millions of adults have tried Reiki at least once in their life. This process has developed and flourished in Japan where they originated Japanese Energy Flow. It gives a person a chance to detach from the world and to analyze what’s happening inside their own body. Most patients report feeling peaceful, calm, and relaxed after Reiki.

5. Reiki helps stimulate healing

The healing period after a cesarean delivery can be quite a long one; women go through pain until they completely heal. A study conducted in 2015, concluded that Reiki helped women to recover faster after cesarean deliveries. Moreover, it helps people suffering from various types of back pain. Again, the deep relaxation helps the energy circulating in muscles to calm down and move into other areas, fortifying the immune and nervous systems, thus causing quicker healing.

6. Relieves anxiety and pain

Even though you may be new to learning about this healing art, Reiki has been popular for quite a while. It might surprise you to know that it’s also been used in conjunction with cancer patients who underwent sessions post-chemotherapy treatment, which helped in easing pain and fatigue. Reported effects indicate that it can help the entire body to function better, reducing everyday fatigue. You could be suffering from migraine, blood pressure, or asthma; and Reiki treatment may be a key in helping you feel better.

7. Enables better sleep

You should be glad if you’ve never suffered through insomnia because it hinders all your activities. You feel drowsy all day while being unable to sleep at night. If you do suffer from insomnia, then refrain from taking pills because most of them can be addictive. It could be well-worth trying risk-free options like Reiki in such situations. By now, you’re aware that Reiki helps with deeper levels of relaxation, and when your body is relaxed, you’re able to sleep better. Some people find it so relaxing, in fact that they’re able to doze off during the actual Reiki session.

8. Disperses negative moods

Reports from a study in 2011, show that after the Reiki session, people were perceived as happier than the people who didn’t undergo Reiki treatment. The results weren’t only evident in the first day or two, but continued for about two weeks.

There’s no harm in giving a couple of sessions of Reiki a try because it’s safe and doesn’t carry any potential side effects. What if it’s what you need to help you heal and reduces emotional distress? You always have the option to pause, assess and decide if it’s right for you, before continuing or not.

Tried Reiki?
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