Nutrition Myths: 5 Common Ones Busted!

We’re all looking to achieve optimal nutrition, but it can be difficult with so many nutrition myths and misinformation out there in the world of food and health. So, we thought we’d take some frequent misconceptions, and dissect some of the main issues with the science behind them explained in Nutrition Myths: 5 Common Ones Busted!

Myth 1: Eating Late at Night Causes Weight Gain

FACT: Eating Late at Night Alone Does Not

Master Trainer Craig Salmon from Premier Global NASM says many believe that late-night snacking contributes to weight gain, but really, more focus should be put on how much we are eating and what we’re eating rather than the time we eat.

Eating late at night may cause a person to consume more energy than their body needs. It is important to make sure that we are fuelling our bodies properly with food throughout the day which can help to prevent those intense hunger pangs come night time which may lead to overeating.

A daily, regular eating pattern can improve your health and maintain effective body metabolism. Of course, if you’re feeling hungry at night, it’s perfectly okay to have a late-night snack. Some healthy late night snack ideas include whole grain toast, yogurt, or fruit.

Myth 2: Carbs Make You Fat

FACT: Eating Carbs Will Not Make You Fat

Our bodies need fuel from carbohydrates to function well, and should be included as part of a healthy diet.

Starchy carbohydrates come in two forms: refined and whole. Whole carbs are high in fibre and are full of essential vitamins and minerals that the body thrives on.

We need starchy carbs to give us energy, so no need to worry about cutting them out of your diet. Instead of refined carbs, you can focus on eating whole carbohydrates like whole grains, sweet potatoes, oats, legumes and many more.

Myth 3: Sugar Has No Place in a Healthy Diet

FACT: The Human Body Uses Glucose as Fuel

All sugar we consume is broken down within our bodies into glucose which the body uses for energy. However, the most efficient form of sugar for our bodies to utilise is natural sugar that can be found in foods such as fruits, dairy, and grains.

These should be prioritised in a healthy diet over foods containing added sugar such as processed foods like baked goods and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Myth 4: Low-Fat is Always the Healthier Choice

FACT: A Low-Fat Diet is Not Always a Healthy One

A low fat diet isn’t necessarily always a good thing, it’s important to not cut out fat entirely from your diet, and also make sure you’re eating the right kinds of fat.

Our bodies need unsaturated fats to ease inflammation and keep our heart rhythms steady among a number of other beneficial processes. Healthy, unsaturated fats are found in foods such as oils, nuts, seeds, and avocado.

Myth 5: Fresh Produce is Healthier than Frozen Produce

FACT: Frozen Foods can Sometimes be Healthier than Fresh Versions!

Frozen produce is often an easier and more affordable option to ensure you’re getting your five-a-day. You don’t need to worry about frozen veg being a less healthy choice than fresh produce, as frozen veg carries about the same amount of nutrients as the fresh versions do, if not more.

As fruits and vegetables become ripe, their sugar content rises whilst their nutrient content decreases. Fruits and veg and that are frozen quickly after harvest, are able to retain most of their nutrients as the freezing process preserves them, keeping nutrients from deteriorating.

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Shayo Audrey

Shayo is currently a 2nd year Psychology student at Warwick University, who is hoping to pursue a Masters in Nutrition. She is very passionate about health, the food we eat, and the link between physical and mental health. Her aim is to work in the nutritional field, combining nutrition with Psychology, focusing on how diet can impact mood, and behaviour, as well as the human body.

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