Top 5 Health Benefits of Avocado!

At Keep Fit King-dom, I am the avocado queen therefore I’d like to discuss why it’s such a wondrous thing. Not only does it taste heavenly, it possesses many nutritional and health benefits – a delicious blend that appeals to almost everyone. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Health Benefits of Avocado! and why we think you should incorporate more of it into your diet. 

1. It’s delicious
Now, if you’re an avocado virgin we need to get one thing straight. Please, if you’re trying this for the first time, make sure it’s ripe! My first few experiences with them were with unripe ones and they’re impossible to get out of their skin because they’re so hard. You’ll know when an avocado is ripe by its firmness; if it’s hard it isn’t ripe and if it’s soft (but not too squishy) it’s ripe. It has a creamy texture that melts in your mouth, as well as having a rich yet subtle flavour. If you’ve ever tried guacamole, this is what avocado tastes like when it’s mashed up.

 2. It’s healthy
The reason I first tried avocado was because I kept hearing about all its health properties. It’s known as one of the many superfoods out there and rightly so. It’s high in oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fatty acid, as well as being low in saturated fat. It contains more potassium than bananas – which means it’s a great thing to eat if you’re after that extra bit of energy!

3. You can eat it morning, noon or night
It’s a food which can be used in multiple meals. When it comes to breakfast, avocado is a fantastic substitute for butter. For example, two tablespoons of butter contain 200kcal, 23g fat, 60mg cholesterol and 200mg of sodium. Comparing this to the same amount of avocado and you get 50kcal, 4.5g fat, 0mg cholesterol and 0mg sodium. Crazy difference, right? When it comes to making lunch or dinner, avocado is great in a sandwich, salad and even a burger! My favourite foods to pair up with avocado are chicken and eggs. Sometimes I’ll just eat avocado on its own for lunch – alongside some fruit and a yogurt – and I find that it really does fill me up as it’s also a good source of fibre.

 4. It isn’t just for eating
Alongside their great taste, avocados are also great for beauty treatments too. Using avocado as a face mask has been found to enhance the complexion; preventing fine facial lines and wrinkles (for a while at least)! This is due to the antioxidant carotenoids found in them. These carotenoids include alpha-carotene, lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin.

Not only can it be used as a face mask, it can be used a hair mask too. I actually use this recipe myself and it does wonders for my hair. Take one avocado, one tablespoon of lemon juice and a dash of olive oil. Mix it up in a bowl and apply onto dry hair for 20 mins. Make sure you shampoo your hair twice when washing this mask off as it can leave roots looking oily otherwise. Then condition as normal and you’ll have great results. It’s best to let it air dry for maximum shine.

 5. This green goddess comes in several varieties!
 As if you don’t have enough glorious info on the avocado already, but did you know there are 8 types out there? The hass avocado is typically the one you’d buy in the supermarket, while the other 7 are the Bacon, Fuentes, Gwen, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton, Reed and Zutano. The differences between these avocado types is that they vary in size, appearance and the time of the year that they come into season. If you want to grow your own avocados, check out this helpful guide.

So, there you go, 5 wonderful reasons for you to go and become an avocado addict like yours truly. Check out the video above if you’re now looking for some recipes to go with your newfound relationship and let us know how compatible you are!

Jemma Joel

Jemma is a BSc (Hons) psychology graduate with a passion for food and fitness. On her own personal journey, Jemma has achieved a weight loss of 5 stone over 6 years through a clean diet and regular exercise. With a major 'addiction' to avocados, eggs and green tea, Jemma is your go-to for nutritional information, recipe ideas and fitness routines!

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