No Pay, No Gain? 4 Ways to Keep Fit on a Budget!

We all know the phrase “no pain, no gain”, but sometimes it feels like it would ring just as true if the phrase were “no pay, no gain”. While it’s often the case that the cost of common exercise options such as pay-monthly gym memberships or visits to a pay-as-you-go local pool can burn a rather sizeable hole in your pocket, it doesn’t need to be like that. There are plenty of ways to exercise at no cost at all. Read on to find out how you can keep fit for free in No Pay, No Gain? 4 Ways to Keep Fit on a Budget!

1. Running

As perhaps the most accessible cardio exercise, the humble run should never be underestimated in terms of how beneficial it can be for your body. At the same time as strengthening the heart, joints and muscles, running also helps us mentally by alleviating stress and slowing down the cognitive decline associated with old age.

Running does wonders for our bodies and minds – and it’s completely free! You might be surprised about just how many good running routes exist where you live. Even in the heart of busy London there are some beautiful pockets of green spaces where you can drink in the fresh air and natural scenery during a cost-free jog.

2. Home workouts

Why pay for a gym membership when you can achieve great results and keep fit on a budget from the comfort of your own home? There are some fantastic screen-led workouts on YouTube from accounts like:


Fitness Blender


…and innumerable other channels. For most of these, all you need is a little bit of floor space and maybe a mat to make it more comfortable.

Since these videos predominantly comprise bodyweight workouts (exercises that require nothing more than the weight of your own body to be effective), you simply don’t need to spend money on lots of equipment to get results. These channels are also great for if you need a bit of motivation to get you moving because they talk to you and encourage you, just like a personal trainer would.

3. Community outdoor gyms

If you still crave that gym environment, however, and want some equipment to help you along, have a search online for community outdoor gyms near you.

Cropping up in many towns and cities, often in public parks, these gyms are equipped with similar versions of many of the popular pieces of apparatus found in traditional indoor gyms, but they don’t use electricity and they are free to use. They often feature cross trainers, treadmills and stationary bikes alongside resistance machines and pull-up bars to meet your strength training needs. You can save more over the longer term if you continue doing budget-friendly workout routines. Do also ensure you properly take care of your body, by using therapeutic tapes where needed. 

4. Walk or cycle to work

Journeys that you’re already doing every day can be turned into free exercise. Instead of driving to work, why not wake up a little earlier and walk? Or, if it’s too far to walk, unearth that long-neglected bike from the shed and cycle there – not only will you be squeezing free exercise into your day, but you’ll actually be saving money by not using petrol and parking spaces.

In an ideal world all exercise would be free of charge. But since it isn’t, rather than letting tight budgets compromise our fitness by limiting the amount of exercise we do, we should make the most of those things we can do for free. If you’re struggling to keep on top of that gym membership, why not alter your routine a little and see just how much you can save by using the ideas outlined in this keep fit on a budget article?

What are your go-to exercise methods that don’t cost you anything? Maybe you have a fun way of working out? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out these articles on working out in winter, fitness motivation and try out Zumba online, as well as yoga to help Keep YOUR Fit ON!

Jodie Sheehan

Jodie Sheehan is an English Literature graduate from the University of York. She loves writing, reading, being outdoors, staying active, and eating all things plant-based. She used to train as a gymnast in her younger years but now keeps herself fit through a variety of different activities which include running, swimming, walking and home-based workouts.

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