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There are lots of different home workout apps out there, but to the vexation of users, you almost always have to pay. Even if there’s no charge when you first download the app, there are often hidden costs when you try to actually access the workouts, or lots of distracting adverts, or it’s only free for a limited time. FitOn however, is here to change the digital workout game. Founded by CEO Lindsay Cook, FitOn is a cost-free, advert-free, and easy-to-use app that combines workout videos, yoga tutorials and health and well-being advice, placing an emphasis on community and interaction in order to help people achieve their fitness goals. Read on for our real-world, FitOn Fitness Workout App review!

Okay, but is FitOn it really free?

Yes! Despite the understandable scepticism, there really is no catch. FitOn used to charge when they first launched the app, but have since made it free to all.

In a statement, FitOn explained that this change came due to the realisation that “80-90% of people who are interested in improving their health either can’t afford or are unwilling to pay for the products and services they so desperately need.”

FitOn felt that by charging, they “weren’t living up to the type of disruptive innovation in the fitness industry we set out to create when starting the company,” and subsequently made it completely free for everyone. (NB: A new feature that creates personalised meal plans has been recently added which does require a paid upgrade to FitOn pro. Everything else is free.)

Community Feel

One of FitOn’s best features is the community feel it creates. There are nineteen different trainers, all of whom manage to get their personalities across on screen. They each have a little bio telling you a bit about them and their fitness styles too, so you feel like you really get to know them. These trainers are personable and encouraging, chatting to you during their individual workouts, and helping to motivate you from start to finish.

The app also lets you know which workouts are trending right now, and how many other users are planning to join a particular workout, and it encourages you to wait just a few seconds after choosing a workout to allow other users to join at the same time as you. Although you can’t see or hear any of these participants, there is something motivational about knowing that you’re part of a group of people with a collective goal.


In terms of the range of different resources available, FitOn has it all. From HIIT workouts to strength training and from stretching routines to yoga, there’s something for every mood and time allowance. The ‘Browse’ section lets you narrow down the workouts available based on workout intensity, time, target muscles, trainers, and exercise type, helping you to find the perfect workout for you that day.

What’s more, to supplement your workout regime, FitOn also provides you with a plethora of reading material, from articles that explain the stress-relieving benefits of breathing techniques, to nutritional information and self care advice.


Little to no equipment is required to participate in the workouts on FitOn. Several workouts recommend a pair of dumbbells to take the intensity up a notch, and a handful suggest the optional use of a resistance band, but for the vast majority of workouts, a mat is all you need.

Most of the exercises give you a couple of different modifications, so you can either slow it down or really challenge yourself depending on what your body is telling you during that workout. As a result, these workouts really can be done anywhere by anyone. There’s even a ‘small space’ category, intended for those who have very limited space in their homes, and a selection called ‘At Work’, full of exercises that can be done while sitting at your office desk!

Progress Tracking

It’s always encouraging to take a look at how far you’ve come, and to check in on your goals every now and then.

FitOn makes tracking your progress nice and easy, by encouraging you to take progress pictures and record changes in weight, tracking all your workouts and when you did them, and letting you know when you hit your targets for that week.

If you’re tired of paying for your workouts, or are missing the gym during quarantine, download FitOn for free and start hitting your fitness goals. Track your progress, get to know the trainers, and enjoy a wide variety of different workouts every day. Let us know how you get on!

Have you tried using apps for exercise motivation during the lockdown? Which ones do you recommend as being effective? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter InstagramWant to delve more into the subject of fitness? Then check out these dedicated articles on a wide range of fitness topics to suit you!

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Jodie Sheehan is an English Literature graduate from the University of York. She loves writing, reading, being outdoors, staying active, and eating all things plant-based. She used to train as a gymnast in her younger years but now keeps herself fit through a variety of different activities which include running, swimming, walking and home-based workouts.

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