Edible London: Crowdfunding to Tackle Covid-19 Food Poverty

Founded over two years ago, Community Interest Company (CIC) Edible London aims to mitigate food poverty and waste. With the advent of Covid-19, the issue concerning food poverty has grown exponentially and has created heightened challenges. The time to take action is today. Read on for Edible London: Crowdfunding to Tackle Covid-19 Food Poverty.

Towards the end of March 2020, they opened a redistribution centre that is now assisting the most vulnerable by providing 70,000 meals every week. This achievement could not have been reached without generous food donations from the public and a team of dedicated volunteers who have unselfishly enabled the team to grow from just 6 people to 320 in a duration of 10 weeks.

With each day, new challenges surface that require more assistance to ensure that the organisation is in the best position to continue serving and help more people.

Restrictions increasingly are being lifted, but the social issues are still growing apace and show no sign of slowing. Edible London is therefore calling upon compassionate members of the public to donate of your time, expertise, resources and money to effect change by combating food inequality and food shortages.

Your commitment will aid Edible London with resources to provide for:

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Certification and Training

  • Farming and Office Supplies

  • Staff Wages

If you know of anyone in the London borough of Haringey with a food emergency, Please ring Haringey Council dedicated Connected Communities team on 020 8489 4431. Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm. They are working together to deliver food hampers into the community. They’re based in and operate out of Haringey, a borough in North London, but they support families, charities and non-profits all over London. For more Information email: info@ediblelondon.org and if you can supply donations email: admin@ediblelondon.org

Help Edible London’s crowdfunding campaign today by spreading this message, volunteering or generously donating food and much-needed resources to help Edible London manage food poverty and serve those that need it the most. Please visit Edible London.org for further details of how you can play your part in tackling food deprivation during these unprecedented and challenging times. You can also follow their work on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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David Myles is an educational researcher as well as a health and fitness advocate. A former vegan, he encourages a diet that is at least 70% plant-based. David regularly engages in exercise routines, preferring to use his own in-house gym. Weather permitting, David enjoys outdoor exercise and is particularly fond of athletics (100 and 200 meter running). Health psychology and how food can enhance cognitive brain function and performance is also high on the list of his keen interests.

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