FitOn — Fitness Workout App

There are lots of different home workout apps out there, but to the vexation of users, you almost always have to pay. Even if there’s no charge when you first download the app, there are often hidden costs when you try to actually access the workouts, or lots of distracting adverts, or it’s only ...

Buddha Teas – Organic Herbal Teas

"Teas should do more than quench your thirst", is the bold philosophy of Buddha Teas, aiming that every sip provides you with the very best nature has to offer. Buddha Teas contain fresh organic herbs and tea leaves that bring you healthful properties to enrich your life, as well as making sure the ...

Sandow (2018)

Another bodybuilding film has made its way into Keep Fit Kingdom’s film review section. This time it’s the movie “Sandow” which was released in April 2018. Read on for our thoughts… Cast Finnish actor Timo Kervinen takes on the role of the ...

Born Strong (2017)

The highly competitive sport of Strongman has rapidly increased in popularity lately. "Born Strong" is a documentary-style film which looks into the fascinating world of Strongman. Released in 2017 and directed by Gary Cohen and Ross Hockrow, this film has been well received by strength and muscle ...

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