FitOn — Fitness Workout App

There are lots of different home workout apps out there, but to the vexation of users, you almost always have to pay. Even if there’s no charge when you first download the app, there are often hidden costs when you try to actually access the workouts, or lots of distracting adverts, or it’s only ...

5 Top Physique Hacks for Uni Students!

University life opens new and exciting opportunities for young adults. However amidst all of the inevitable late nights, midnight binges and takeaways, students may quickly find themselves gaining unwanted weight. This is a nightmare for those who have aspirations to build an outstanding physique ...

What is a Superfood?

We’ve all heard the word superfood thrown around a little too much in the media to describe foods that are particularly healthy for us but what is a Superfood? Could not what supposedly makes them healthier than other foods just be a lot of hype? There is no actual legal or medical definition ...

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