Are Gummies Healthy For Your Gums?

It is tough nowadays to feed your child healthy food. It might be challenging to prepare a home-cooked supper when parents are busy with their schedules. Children are also involved in many activities, and many hardly like the taste of homemade food. You must rely on prepared or boxed items when home, which isn’t always the healthiest choice.

When you’re away from home, you’ll have to force your children to consume fast food which they probably love. But obviously, it isn’t the healthiest option for your child.

It is difficult to trick a child into swallowing pills because they don’t like the bitter taste of those either. The problem is how to ensure that your child gets all their essential nutrients. One solution to this problem is supplements like multivitamins. Hence, companies have come up with gummies. There are a variety of gummies available on the market, such as Sunday Scaries CBD gummies, Happy Kidz gummies, etc. Curious? Then follow on for Are Gummies Healthy For Your Gums?

What Are Gummies & Types of Gummies?

Our favorite chewable candies have now undergone a massive transformation. They are now available as healthy supplements. These gummies help manage various issues such as digestive problems, falling hair, nutritional deficiencies, etc. They can also be considered as an alternative to supplement pills.

These gummies are usually available as an over-the-counter product and work as an effective alternative for those who find swallowing pills difficult.

Gummy vitamins contain vitamins A, B, C, D, E, iron, zinc, biotin, collagen, and folic acid. They also contain corn starch, sugar, water, and added colorings, and usually have a soft, marshmallow-like texture.

There are various types of gummies available on the market. Some gummies focus on nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin A, D, E, etc. Some gummies help with improving digestion, reducing gas and bloating problems. Gummies that aid in digestive issues contain apple cider vinegar and essential bacteria.

Some gummies help with children’s calcium needs, boosting immunity, etc. Some gummies are specialized to take care of beauty needs. These products help grow nails, hair, give glowing skin, etc. Certain brands produce gummies that help with controlling appetite. Such companies claim that their gummies help to lose weight.

Are Gummies Healthy for Your Gums?

Gummies usually seem like the easiest way to get essential nutrients for various reasons; they are easy to consume, taste good, are readily available, etc. But are these chewy gummies healthy? They indeed have various health benefits, but they have disadvantages also which we go into next.

Easy to Overeat

As these gummies are easy to keep in your pockets and consume, they are prone to get overeaten. Children treat them as candies and eat more than required. Overconsumption can result in imbalanced nutrition. Consuming more than the necessary amount of nutrients can be problematic. Getting too much of a particular nutrient can lead to mineral toxicity.

May Contain Different Amounts of Nutrients

Sometimes big brands make big claims to sell their products with the customer believing that the product has a higher nutrient value. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before starting on these because you may have specific allergies to a particular ingredient.

Harmful to Gums & Oral Health

These gummy vitamins contain a lot of sugar. While chewing these gummies, much sugar remains on the teeth. Naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths feed on this sugar left behind and convert it into acid. This acid impacts our tooth enamel and results in cavities.

Some people have diabetes, while others avoid high sugar content. These people often take sugar-free versions. These sugar-free ones contain artificial sweeteners that are not as harmful as sugar for our teeth. But other than the sugar component, there is another ingredient in them, i.e., citric acid. This acid also results in the wearing away of tooth enamel.

We often fall prey to the fact that we only consume a few gummies in a day, so it won’t negatively impact our oral health. But they can still have a negative impact on our oral hygiene. These sweets usually have a sticky consistency. This stickiness leaves residue on our teeth that can last for hours.

If there are sugars left on our teeth from less sticky substances, they are easier to wash away. But it is not the case with these sticky gummies. These gummies’ sugar and acids are harder to wash away because of their stickiness. In such cases, pills or liquid supplements are better options.

Dosage for CBD Gummies

The amount of CBD you should take depends on several factors as follows:

  • Your body weight
  • The ailment you’re attempting to cure
  • Specific chemistry of your body
  • The concentration of nutrients in the gummy

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before deciding your dosage of CBD gummies. A doctor can help you advise which gummies or nutrients your body might benefit from and in which dosage. They can also let you know about any potential risks associated with a particular gummy.

If your doctor can’t provide any dosage guidance it is advisable to start with small doses. CBD gummies usually come with packaging that indicates how much is in a single serving. It can be between 20mg to 40mg in a day. Start observing how your symptoms are affected after taking a particular dose. The FDA does not regulate them, so always be cautious while consuming them. It is okay to take fewer doses but never overdose on any supplement.

If you’re already taking gummy vitamins, there are some precautions you should take. Instead of making vitamins a ‘treat’, please ensure their healthy food equivalents are included in your child’s meals, teach them about the importance of eating healthy. You can assist your child in developing good dental hygiene habits like brushing before bed.

Parents should help their children realize that vitamins are only needed to assist them in obtaining additional nutrients that they could not otherwise obtain from meals. Gummy candies are undoubtedly a convenient way to get nutrition but aren’t necessarily the healthiest, so first and foremost, always consume healthy meals instead of supplements.

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