Dairy-Free Diet: My Personal Experience So Far…

After having no issues, allergies or intolerances with food growing up, my body decided it didn’t like dairy back in the early summer of 2020. This was a considerable shock as I was asking myself “why now?” and, “why dairy?”, but I also faced a huge life change. It felt like dairy was in everything. I’m still unsure as to why dairy was suddenly a no-go but it was clear to me that as soon as my body felt better after stopping consuming dairy, that dairy was the problem. 

Within days I was stocking my fridge up with oat milk, spreading dairy-free butter on my toast and Googling dairy-free advent calendars. Read on for my discoveries whilst being on a dairy-free diet for the past 4 months in Dairy-Free Diet: My Personal Experience So Far…!

Less Bloating

Upon researching, I discovered that 65% of the world’s population actually has difficulty digesting milk. This is due to the fact that many people lack lactase, the enzyme needed to properly digest cow’s milk or moo juice, and if you cut out dairy, you may find that your digestion improves, making you feel less bloated.

I definitely found this effect to be the case personally. I would bloat less after meals, go to bed and also wake up less bloated. 

Clearer Skin

I found that cutting out dairy improved my skin tremendously. I was removing a lot of classified “unhealthy” food out of my diet and therefore my skin was less likely to break out and overall just looked clearer. 

In my research I found that cow’s milk often contains hormones, which may react to the hormones in your own body and lead to an increase in the production of sebum in your skin, responsible for clogging your pores.

Greater Energy (Feeling Less Sluggish)

It’s easy to fall into a habit of regularly eating unhealthy, dairy-rich foods such as creamy pasta, cheese and pizzaI found that when I gave up dairy, I had to reconsider a lot of the foods I was so used to consuming on a daily basis. For example, in order to combat the lack of calcium in my diet traditionally gained from consuming dairy, I will likely replace these with other calcium-rich foods. 

Examples that I’ve personally favoured are spinach, kale and white beans. Eating vitamin-rich foods such as these have led me to having more energy during the day and I’ve also found they help prevent headaches too. 

I have personally gained so much more and feel better since being on a dairy-free diet. I won’t be returning to consuming dairy because I found more positives than negatives when not eating dairy. This has been my experience and can’t say it will be exactly the same for everyone but I would definitely recommend trying this diet out on a short term 3-6 month experimental basis to see if you personally benefit and feel better going dairy-free. 

Tried going dairy-free already? How did it go for you? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram! If you found this personal account on going dairy-free for 4 months interesting, you might like this personal experience on being veggie for 10 years!

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