5 Vegan Women Who Lift!

If you’re vegan I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before, ‘Where do you get your protein?’. Vegan lifestyles are becoming more and more common and you can certainly get great results from weightlifting whilst following a vegan diet. Do you think these five women get enough protein from a plant-based diet? Either ask them (if you dare) or find out with our 5 Vegan Women Who Lift!

1. Naturally Stefanie
Stefanie is a passionate, long term vegan and weightlifter. She runs her own online vegan fitness community called Vegan Aesthetics and her social media accounts are jam-packed with hard-core workouts and vegan recipes. She also runs a YouTube channel including videos such as ‘What I Eat in a Day’ and ‘Accidentally Vegan’ food videos which show how easily accessible vegan foods can be.

2. Bianca Taylor
Bianca refers to herself as a vegan ‘booty-builder’ as she has used weightlifting and a plant-based diet to enhance her curvy physique. Bianca has previously competed in bodybuilding competitions and converted to a vegan lifestyle in 2014. She is a devoted, passionate vegan, even sporting vegan-themed tattoos. She has designed plans with her also vegan partner, Nimai Delgado, such as TrueStrength to help others build muscle and confidence.

3. Sam James
Sam James follows a plant-based diet whilst weightlifting. She is devoted to weightlifting and has worked with fitness companies such as Gymshark and Women’s Best. Her social media channels are full of workouts and vegan meal ideas. She even has a YouTube video covering which vegan supplements she uses to further enhance her fitness journey.

4. Victoria Lissack
Victoria is a vegan bodybuilder who gave up her job as an attorney to focus on her fitness full time. She considers herself an ‘ethical vegan’ and spreads the message of focussing on one’s mindset and mental wellness as well as physical wellness.

5. Angelica Kathleen
Angelica lives a lavish life in Hawaii whilst maintaining a plant-based diet and focussing on her fitness. Her Instagram is packed full of island photos and workouts. She has competed in bikini bodybuilding shows and is now a fitness trainer. A vegan diet and weightlifting has transformed her physique from what she calls ‘skinny fat’ to fit.

Being a vegan weightlifter, bodybuilder and female, I have learned to balance my vegan diet with plant-based foods that provide the necessary nutrients to support my strength and fitness goals, while still maintaining the ethical principles that led me to not eat meat and pursue a vegan lifestyle, as more and more vegan athletes and fitness models are showing, it is possible to achieve great results without compromising one’s diet and vegan goals.

As a vegan bodybuilder female, I am constantly inspired by the dedication and discipline of other vegan female bodybuilders, vegan fitness models, and bodybuilders who have successfully achieved their fitness goals on a plant-based diet.

These women have transformed their physiques and lifestyles on a vegan diet. So, if you’ve been wanting to ease into being vegan but scared you’ll stop seeing results in the gym, hopefully these women have inspired you to have a rethink and give it a try! Are you a vegan who lifts; how has the journey been for you so far, what tips would you like to share? Let us know in the comments below, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

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Lauren Fletcher

Lauren is a health and fitness enthusiast with a particular interest in weightlifting. Having transformed her physique and mindset with fitness, she now aspires to help other women discover the benefits of weightlifting and help them along their fitness journey. She has previously followed vegan and vegetarian diets and believes there are many different dietary approaches to fitness that can be successful.

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