How to Build a Better Butt

To the delight of well-endowed women everywhere, it’s finally fashionable to have a strong, round butt and wider hips. While not every woman has the physique to build a J-Lo type backside, we can all do a bit more to tone and strengthen our derrière. Importantly enough, a strong rear end ties in ...

5 Vegan Women Who Lift!

If you’re vegan I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before, ‘Where do you get your protein?’. Vegan lifestyles are becoming more and more common and you can certainly get great results from weightlifting whilst following a vegan diet. Do you think these five women get enough protein from a ...

Women Who Lift and Why You Should Too!

Although weightlifting has always been considered a masculine sport, there’s no questioning that women who lift are definitely becoming more prevalent all over the globe. Less women are scared of becoming ‘bulky’ from lifting (because it's not that easy to build real muscle, contrary to what some ...

Top 5 Women in World Rugby!

Perhaps not as prevalent as the men’s game, the popularity of women’s rugby is growing at a steady rate nonetheless. It’s becoming faster, more skilful and much more of a spectacle to watch, with countries such as Russia, USA and Spain competing at a higher standard than their male counterparts. ...

4 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights!

“Lifting weights will make me manly!”...yawn...A phrase I have heard one too many times before. This is a common misconception held by many young girls and women, typically those who spend hours in the gym, running on treadmills day in, day out, desperately trying to change the shape of their body. ...

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