5 Top Reasons You Need to Start Rope Climbing!

Rope climbing isn’t an activity reserved only for…well, climbers. It’s also considered a staple, multi-faceted training tool for athletes, the military, martial artists and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds (ie. Crossfitters etc). In this article, 5 Top Reasons You Need to Start Rope Climbing, you’ll find out some of the best reasons why you should implement rope climbing into your workout routine!

1. Build abs like a Greek statue
Climbing requires that you keep your core tight at all times. If not, you’re unlikely to make it to the top of your climb. Because of this constant activation of your core, your body has no choice but to adapt. This exercise works your abs in a fashion very similar to the “plank”, by forcing you to challenge your muscles isometricallyIn short, get to know the ropes and climb them and you’ll get god-like abs.

2. Popeye forearms
Now, I’m not saying your arms will get strong so as to be able to pop open a jumbo can of spinach just by squeezing it or that you’ll be able to punch bad guys to pluto, but, if you want to develop some huge forearms with some serious functional use, this exercise will help you achieve just that! Done frequently enough, you will gain size, strength and definition in your forearms.

3. Strength, power, and endurance
Climbing is a basic fundamental exercise in military as well as combat sports training. If some of the most physically conditioned men and women in the world are using this exercise to build a monster of an upper body, why shouldn’t you? As mentioned, rope climbing challenges every part of your upper body forcing it to adapt; so you can expect changes from your fingers, forearms and core, to your chest, shoulders and back. Each muscle must work together in order to increase your mind-muscle connectivity and neuromuscular efficiency. In other words, this exercise will confer on you many of the same benefits as compound lifts such as the bench press or deadlift.

4. Chimp-like grip
Ever seen a chimpanzee or other primate swing effortlessly from one tree branch to another? Imagine yourself being able to do that, like Tarzan! Obviously, chimps have insane grip and muscular endurance. It’s a challenge for humans of course considering the differences in our muscle-fibres, weight distribution and anatomical points of leverage between the species, but I am suggesting that you will develop grip strength far beyond what most would consider normal -a heroic handshake in social situations goes a long way to creating and leaving an assured impression of trust, integrity and respect too!

5. Improved lifts
Bruce Lee always stressed the importance of training forearms and with good reason: forearm strength directly correlates with grip strength. Without grip strength, you’ll lack the power required to hold onto the weight, thus weakening the potential link between your body parts causing a lack of power in your lifts. The more you rope climb, the stronger your entire upper body will become and this strength will undoubtedly carry over into your weight lifting program.

Challenge yourself with this full-body exercise and ascend to new heights, climb higher than you ever have before! Love climbing and developing your grip and forearms? Let us know below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (Check out our other fitness articles to help you Keep YOUR Fit ON!) 

Bryan Richardson

Inspired by his early life adversities and the desire to help others, Bryan who currently serves in the US Forces aspires to become a Light Heavyweight boxing champion and start a gym that specialises in conscious human development. Bryan likes researching useful info and insights that can be applied to his and others' lives. When he's not feeding his insatiable appetite for knowledge, he's found either in the boxing ring, on the dance floor, or busy downing some Ben & Jerry's "Phish Food"!

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