5 Keys To Greater Confidence!

One of the biggest factors in boosting our mood is feeling confident and having a sense of purpose. The way in which we perceive ourselves can either have a positive or negative impact on our wellbeing; affecting many aspects of our lives such as how we perform at work, deal with situations at home and how we  interact socially with others. Can you recall a time in your life when you were brimming with confidence, were the ‘life and soul of the party’ and proud of who you were and what you had accomplished? If not, are you ready to embrace the strong, confident version of you?  Become a superhero of your own confidence with our 5 Keys To Greater Confidence!

1. Stimulate your brain
It is often said that ‘knowledge is power’ and the saying is true especially when it’s applied knowledge. If you spend time learning a subject and understand the principles; whether it be a field of work or a special area of interest, having knowledge will increase the opportunities you have in relating to others, making it much easier to communicate.

2. Achieve something each day
In order to progress in anything you set your mind to, we require goals to propel us forward. By setting daily tasks that are specific to you, whether big or small, it will provide a sense of achievement which then will reflect in your level of confidence.

3. Discard negative people, behaviours and situations

Surrounding yourself with negative people and adopting unhealthy habits can negatively change your pattern of thought; leading to you feeling insecure and unhappy. These ‘energy drainers’ can result in you feeling low and worthless. The good news is that you can escape from this adverse situation by replacing these ‘gremlins’ with positive, uplifting and encouraging people who are genuine (because moving forward with their own goals) and have your best interest at heart  you’ll soon feel much better for doing so.

4. Reach out and help someone
People think differently; some are selfish and inconsiderate whereas fortunately, some have a ‘heart of gold’ and help others in their time of need. When you’re kind to others, something ‘magical’ happens within the brain: a rush of endorphins occurs aka the ‘happy hormones’ which not only helps you to connect with others but will boost your mood, sky-rocketing your confidence!

5. Realise your potential and remain optimistic
Never feeling good enough can trap you in a negative state of mind causing you to forget about all of the wonderful qualities you actually do possess.
To stop negative self-talk in its tracks, divide a piece of paper in two, one side, write down 10 of your best attributes and on the other, how you can apply them to your future and you’ll soon realise what you’re really capable of.

At some point in our lives, the majority of us have been overwhelmed by feelings of self-doubt, self-verbal vivisection or self-destruction and have allowed our insecurities to rise to the surface, consume our thoughts and cause us to feel inadequate, resulting in low self-esteem. Once you’ve been knocked down in life from adversity, naturally, your confidence can falter but if you follow these steps and choose to rise; you’ll quickly regain the confidence you thought you had lost!

Benjamin Ensall

Benjamin is an advocate of the health and wellbeing lifestyle and the positive impact it can make on people’s lives. He has national and international experience as a Senior Personal Trainer, Food Psychology Behaviour Coach and Healthcare Technician and strives to make a difference. He helps facilitate the realisation of one's potential to achieve a happier and healthier life.

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