3 Awesome Superhero Physique Workouts!

In this article we're going to base workouts off of a few of Marvel's most popular superheroes. Each workout will take less than an hour to fully complete, and will incorporate functional calisthenic training as well as compound lifts. Functional training and compound lifts both allow individual ...

5 Keys To Greater Confidence!

One of the biggest factors in boosting our mood is feeling confident and having a sense of purpose. The way in which we perceive ourselves can either have a positive or negative impact on our wellbeing; affecting many aspects of our lives such as how we perform at work, deal with situations at home ...

10 Top Tips to keep you motivated over winter

Winter blues getting you down?  Don't worry because here are 10 Top Tips to help keep you going strong! Invest in base layers. It’s cold, we know that so wrap up a little but not too much. One extra layer should do it to keep you warm but not too hot whilst facing the outdoors. Scarves are also ...

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