5 Excellent Foods That Will Skyrocket Your Energy In 2021!

Maybe it’s due to the weather or us being stuck at home but many people tell us they’ve been more tired more often in the past few months. This lack of energy and motivation could make us less productive and certainly affect our daily lives. However, as it’s still relatively early into the new year, let’s together find ways to overcome this strange, subtle graft!

Tiredness and chronic fatigue could be due to several factors and one way to combat it can be through the wiser use of food. Food is our body’s chief source of energy. Some foods can bring about a quick energy fix (eg. foods with high sugar and refined carbohydrates) however, what our body needs is a reliable-yet-deeply-nourishing sustainable source of energy that can last us for longer. Follow on for our 5 Excellent Foods That Will Skyrocket Your Energy In 2021!

1. Bananas: a Reliable Source of Energy You Can Count on

he best snack one should scout for when in need of some quick energy is the wise, and reliable banana. It’s packed with a good source of natural sugar which is easily assimilated and easily converted by the body into energy. They also contain a mix of complex carbs and fibre, potassium, and vitamin B6. All these nutrients aid in energy production and are also mood-boosting.

2. Coffee

It is rich in caffeine which inhibits a neurotransmitter (adenosine) that quiets down the central nervous system. Therefore, as a result, increasing the stimulation of the brain and body through epinephrine production.

Not only does it help to boost your energy level, but some studies have been shown that drinking coffee can bring about some protection against cardiovascular diseases. However, everything in moderation and it is not recommended to consume more than 400mg of caffeine per day, which is about 4 cups of coffee.

You can also take a decent, budget brand of caffeine tablets. One is normally 200mg which you can break into two – take one half whenever needed for a psychophysical boost that kicks in within 10 minutes and lasts up to 6 hours!

3. Avocados 

These are packed with healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids) which can be used as energy. Fats which contain about twice the amount of calories as sugar (9 kcal/gram of fat), despite having higher calorie count than sugar, are more sustainable sources of energy and are essential for the functioning of the body (e.g. enhancing nutrient absorption).

Besides containing good fats, avocado is also rich in fibre, and B vitamins which help maintain steady energy levels and improve your mood too!

4. Eggs

These contain several nutrients your body needs to convert food into sustained energy: folate, essential B vitamins and protein. Eggs are rich in oxygen-storing iron which is beneficial because when you are low on oxygen, you feel tired. Additionally, there is plenty of protein in an egg that can be converted into energy, keeping your body energised.

5. Dark Chocolate

Yes, you read it right, chocolate! Dark chocolate is a much healthier option than the usual milk chocolate as it contains less refined sugar. Though that means less immediate energy, the higher content of cocoa brings about more benefits.

It contains lots of antioxidants where studies have linked it to several health benefits, e.g. increased blood flow. That function alone helps in the delivery of oxygen which can help reduce mental fatigue.

This list gives you a shortlist variety of foods which can help to boost your energy. These foods contain a mixture of carbs, fibre, protein, fats and significant amounts of other nutrients that help increase energy to overcome mental and physical fatigue. The main take away here is to ensure that you have a balanced and varied diet, and also ensure that you remain hydrated with plenty of fluids (and water) consumed daily. Let’s face 2021 with a new sense of energy and strength!

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Maria Hii

Maria is a Nutrition and Food Science graduate who is passionate about sharing nutrition and health knowledge to help others make proper, informed diet choices. After learning about the science behind nutrition, she came to the conclusion that “moderation in everything” is the ideal way to approach health. In her spare time she loves exploring new food places, reviewing them on Instagram, and travelling!

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