7 Foods You Shouldn’t Store in the Fridge!

We all grow up in households which do things differently and when it comes to storing food, this is no different. There are old wives' tales galore when it comes to this topic! People have opinions, VERY strong opinions, on what you should and shouldn’t keep in the fridge. While there is no ...

Vitamin K: Top 5 Foods

There is so much information out there telling us what we need to put into our bodies. One of them on that long list is vitamin K. Vitamin K is pretty important for certain functions in our bodies such as blood clotting and also bone and heart health. Aye!...another thing we have to worry about ...

5 Great Egg Substitutes

Egg is, of course, a staple in many diets, being high in protein and relatively low calorie. It’s a common ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes, serving as a flavour enhancer, binding agent or thickener. Helpful if you're vegan however, is to know what you can use instead of egg so that you don't ...

Vegan Daily: What I Eat in a Day!

The burning question anyone following a vegan diet is frequently faced with sounds something like, ‘you’re vegan…so what can you eat?’ The truth is of course, that options are abundant. Read on for more in Vegan Daily: What I Eat in a Day! Vegan Breakfast Arguably the best meal of the day. At no ...

The Wellness Culture: A Diet in Disguise?

Eating nothing but acai bowls will obviously result in a flatter tummy, and cutting off carbs will sort out our issue of being overweight, right? Well, that depends on what wellness means in our lives as compared to what that it means in the wellness industry. Businesses now advertise juice ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves

Most of us know that avocados possess many health benefits, it’s kind of old news – but ever important, as they're hardly ever going to go out of style. Did you know that avocado leaves are equally as good for you? Avocado leaves actually contain more nutrients than the fruit itself. They are rich ...

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