Vision Boards: 5 Reasons Why You MUST Have One in 2022!

With the last two years of the pandemic causing havoc for most of the planet, it’s a good idea to create stability in your own mind and heart. A good vision focuses on what we want and how we want to feel after we achieve our goals. Vision boards usually refer to a visualisation tool, also known as a ‘Dream Board’, which is made up of photos, quotations, intents, and affirmations that symbolize our objectives and future plans. Create a vision board for yourself to acquire a crystal clear image of where you want to go this year…Follow on for Vision Boards: 5 Reasons Why You MUST Have One in 2022!

1. Provides Motivation

Some days are difficult, that’s why creating a vision board is such a great way to keep yourself motivated on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything!

You will feel wonderful and inspired when you imagine yourself achieving your objectives and enjoying the life you have always dreamed for yourself. It is not so easy to achieve remarkable outcomes in life. It would be best if you were motivated to act on a daily basis. One method to accomplish this is to utilise vision boards and use visualization techniques.

2. Clarifies Your Goals

Another advantage of creating your own vision board is that it is a visual depiction of your own ambitions and desires. This means that as you glance at your vision board every day to keep you spurred on and moving ahead, your dreams pull you into them with accelerating clarity and vividness like a magnet. Thoughts are magnetic! (Something the current school system knows nothing about -so they can’t teach it- don’t you be one of them!)

When you don’t know what you want, your mind can’t come up with ideas to get you closer to it. However, if you’re crystal clear about what you want to achieve in life, you will be able to devise detailed strategies and take the appropriate action to achieve those goals.

3. Increases Your Productivity

The fact that you see your vision board every day is one of the reasons why it works so well. You keep on track when you see something that encourages you on a regular basis.

When you see the objectives and dreams on your vision board, you’re more likely to have “regular micro jump-starts” which keep you on track daily. You will witness an increase in productivity since you can vividly picture and imagine those dreams becoming true.

4. Makes Your Life Fun

A vision board is a joyful, risk-free, and stress-free method to discharge your most positively profound and wild ideas. You will feel lively and cheerful if you think about good things such as winning a prize, taking a holiday or an A+ for a challenging course.

On the flip side of the coin, if you constantly focus on poor luck, fail the exam, arguments, you will be unhappy and anxious instead.

This is why having a vision board becomes essential if you’re serious about your achievements. The images on your board symbolise your goals and desires in life. When you picture them, they will inspire, motivate, and make you positively, and joyously expectant.

5. Develops Determination

Vision boards give you a significant boost of motivation. You will have more resolve if you can focus on your goals a bit every day, rather than trying to do a huge amount in one day then getting all flustered and stressed about it. (You won’t do anything the day after either!)

When you consider achieving your objectives, you will feel motivated and inspired in the process, and you will be compelled to take action to attain your goals. When you have a good attitude, you will be far more likely to persevere through irksome challenges rather than giving up and quitting entirely!

Your vision board will serve as a daily visual reminder of your future dreams goals and objectives. It assists you in becoming more concentrated and having a solid sense of direction. It enables you to begin each day with a good attitude, a sense of empowerment and purpose. What are your goals for 2022? What is on your vision board? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

Zhe Deng

Zhe is currently a student majoring in Psychology and Education at the University of Auckland. She is passionate about helping people to improve emotional health especially now with COVID-19. She also has a keen interest in physical exercise and enjoys badminton, table tennis and swimming. Zhe hopes to make valuable contributions to improving people’s well-being by passionately sharing her practical experience and knowledge accumulated so far.

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