Mental Health: 5 Questions to Measure Your Level Right Now!

Mental health is something we hear about from our colleagues, and something we see in the media. The role mental health plays in our daily lives is that it allows us to have energy, a happy mood, and the motivation to be active.

You may have been wondering how your mental health level is influencing your life and the people in it. You can start by considering what factors play into maintaining good health so, continue on for Mental Health: 5 Questions to Measure Your Level Right Now!

1. Are you paying attention to the signs of your mental health?

Mental health is just as important as physical health, which is why you should practice being aware of your own cognition. The more you exercise your mind by being aware of your own cognition, the more you understand yourself.

Everyone has a unique and complex brain that can accomplish any task they set it to do. You can manipulate objects in your imagination, and you can create your own reality with your thoughts.

The power of self-belief is that once an individual has his/her mind made up about something, then it becomes possible for whatever that something is to happen.

If you are suffering from poor mental health because you are at a point in life where you are unsure about the future, then you should begin imagining a better future. Once you believe in that future, you will have the ability to create a better world for yourself and others.

Being aware of your mental health means that you know when you are vulnerable. Practicing to better understand when and why you are vulnerable helps you gain control of your mind and counter the negative thoughts with positive ones. It also helps you know when to exit a situation that is causing negative thoughts.

With metacognition, awareness of your conscious thoughts, you can fight off every bad image, any urge to use profanity, and impulse to engage in unhealthy behavior, and because of this, you develop wellness in other aspects of your life as a carry over.

2. What are your coping mechanisms for dealing with depressing thoughts?

An individual’s level of mental health is in large part, determined by how much they let the external world get to them.

Our internal realities should be ones of stimulating thoughts about life, spirituality, friends, family, fun etc. Stimulating thoughts that are used to carefully consider different possibilities are often hindered by depressing thoughts.

Everyone at some point in their life, experiences depressing thoughts. Depression is an illness and just being sad and unhappy is different from depression.

Thinking about love, dancing, smiling, and laughter is a powerful coping mechanism for dealing with these thoughts. Staying occupied and doing what you love to do leaves no room for negativity in your life.

Surrounding yourself with people who have a focus in life means that you are inviting more love and good health into your life because they do not have time for drama and negativity either.

You should be using your own coping mechanisms for dealing with depressing thoughts and carefully consider which ones are working and which ones are not. If not, they are likely to bring you down.

3. Have you taken a moment to reflect on how strong you really are?

Reflecting on your life after you have encountered the metaphorical twists and turns of valleys, the fatigue associated with climbing mountains, and the difficulty of crossing vast oceans is healthy for the human spirit.

Humans acquire wisdom with every new experience and with it comes persistence and perseverance. Mental health is tested when we are put under stress and so is our mental strength. Your experiences will either make you or break you, and there is no running from them.

The memories of lived traumatic experiences remain with us regardless of where we live and who we are with. You learn to deal with them by developing mental tactics that help you survive. Having good mental health is key to survival because without it, you will likely be consumed by the world.

Reflecting on all that you have had to endure and now realizing that you have survived through it all should give you hope. God does not throw anything at you that you cannot handle and if you are able to stand tall, smile and move forward, then you have excellent mental health. If not, then you know that you have room for improvement, and you will become even stronger along the way.

4. Are you attempting to rid yourself of any addictions you may have?

While walking down the street, you notice an empty cigarette box, a liquor bottle, and a candy wrapper. Each could be seen as a temptation that’s been placed in your life and you must fight those temptations because otherwise it can lead you down a path of unhealthy living.

If you visit the gym religiously and you have put yourself on a strict diet, then one of the toughest challenges is walking into a store and seeing a chocolate cake covered in strawberries and whipped cream and resisting it.

Recently, you have been reading up on the distinct types of fats and how carbs can cause acne and lead to weight gain, but that chocolate cake is calling your name. You have the choice to cave in and break your streak of thirty days without one unhealthy snack.

Today is the first of the month and you realize that giving in to temptation could mean relapsing back to an unhealthy diet, but that chocolate cake, it looks so delicious and right when you are about to give in, you stop and say “No, I will not!” You have made a tough decision, but the right one.

You conquered that moment; it did not conquer you. In other situations when people have not been able to resist their temptation(s), they may have been unsuccessful because the urge was so strong that it overpowered their will to fight it. If you are someone dealing with addiction, then finding a support system, believing in progress, and taking the necessary steps to put an end to the addiction will benefit you and everyone who cares about you.

5. How much do you rely on others to keep your mental health from getting worse?

The best way to avoid worsening mental health is by reaching out to those around you. Starting with your loved ones and Christ, and then reaching out to the local church, neighbors, and mental health employees is a wonderful way to prevent your mental health from getting worse.

There is nothing like confiding in people because so many want to help and do not want to see you struggling.

Communities and internet resources are ways to get informed about the seriousness of mental health. Stop and consider your options when thinking about how you can stay healthy. Do not think you are alone because there will always be someone who knows just how you are feeling.

Remember to get on the phone and call your relatives when you have serious mental health concerns. There are also hotlines for people in different situations and the people on the other end of the phone specialize in assisting with the very same problem that you may have. Isolation is unhealthy and that’s when people feel lonely and sad. Reach out to someone as soon as you can because a state of negative-mood fuelled mental health is no laughing matter.

After reading these five questions on how to measure your level of mental health right now, you now have the information you need to begin taking steps to improve your mental health. Even if you believe you already have great mental health, you can use the information to assist someone else and begin strategizing for any mental health concerns that arise later.

Begin by being aware of any elements in your life that you believe may cause you to experience any form of stress. Then act on these potential triggers and begin to remove them from your life.

Build a life of happiness and love, taking into consideration any of your own questions. Now answer them; track your progress over time and you will notice that you feel more energetic, experience less sorrow, and have a positive impact on others.

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Jamar Sanders

Jamar is originally from Chicago, IL, and now lives in Phoenix, AZ. He is in great health physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. He's a new member of VASA Fitness where he's starting to exercise vigorously. Exercise makes him feel stronger and more courageous. He's also passionate about mental health, art, and Christ.

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