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Do you like the idea of staying physically active and improving your cardiovascular fitness but the thought of going the local gym drives you insane with boredom? I personally don’t mind training at a health centre as I am very much a city gent that enjoys feeling the cold, iron barbell or dumbbell within the palm of my tightly-gripped hand  and pushing beyond what my body is accustomed to in order to progress in terms of both my strength and physique…

However, looking at 4 walls, glaring at a TV screen that’s pumping out the latest dance hits with you pretending you like it, can become monotonous after a short period of time so to keep the fitness fire alive, in my opinion, it’s a good idea to switch things up and take yourself out of stale, habitual comfort zones by venturing out into the great outdoors and see what the fresh air…ahhh…and greenery can do for you!

Tri-Adventure -ready!

Tri-Adventure -ready!

This can affect you on many levels rather positively and after taking that small step outside, you’ll soon realise how much you can benefit physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually too; call it ‘mindfulness’. If you’re keen explorer at heart and like the idea of mingling with nature and keeping fit whilst doing so, please let me introduce you to the outdoor endurance company, Tri-Adventure.

What is Tri-Adventure?
The main man behind this exciting project is Adam Marcinowicz -a great ambassador for the company he took over in 2015 as he certainly ‘practices what he preaches’ with no exceptions. Adam himself has competed in countless marathon and triathlon races on all continents of the world (even 6 marathons in 6 days in the Sahara Desert) whilst achieving some pretty impressive finishing times. This has lead him to developing his passion further and by extension helping inspire others to get involved in more outdoor Adventure events which will not only improve their racing times, cardiovascular fitness and stamina levels while also making it a lot of fun!

Tri-Adventure on yer bike!

Tri-Adventure on yer bike!

As well as Adam, there is a team of four consisting of Liz, who will sign the participants in and greet them with a warm smile Chris, who provides the delicious ‘Tri-bites’ which aid in powering and fuelling the participant through each stage of the course, then there’s Leszek, who ensures that safety criteria is met at the start of the cycle race and finally, Tracey, who’s the mastermind behind the marketing strategy. It truly shows that there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ and due to their collaboration, their wholesome idea has taken root and is growing.

If you enjoy the adrenaline rushing through your body as you challenge yourself against the clock, other competitors or you want to see if you have the supreme stamina to reach the finish line on one of their 12 hour arduous ‘night & day’ races which can be completed alone or with a buddy; then this may be a great option for you!

The races mainly consist of trail running, mountain biking and navigation skills over a 2-4hr time period; great for developing coordination, adaptability as well as boosting cardiovascular capacity. Throughout each course, there are checkpoints scattered along the way each worth 10 points and for every checkpoint visited, it will be added to the participants overall score for the course within the given time frame; an example could be that if there are 30 checkpoints on the course and 7 of them are visited and tagged by the wristband provided by the team within the time limit, the overall score for the participant will be 70.

On the other hand, if you believe Tri-adventure is solely based on running and cycling, but you are more of a ‘thrill-seeker’, let me tell you that it doesn’t just stop there! On various courses, opportunities such as abseiling down rock faces, canoeing down ferocious rapids, jumping off cliffs into quarries and shooting the ‘arrow of love’ into one of the distant archery targets are all part of the exciting adventure in some specific races so it’ll be easier to conquer fears, have enormous amounts of fun whilst getting fit too!

Tri-Adventure checkpoints

Tri-Adventure checkpoints

As a bonus, they also set up group and corporate events for everyone to enjoy, however, be aware though, if you or your team are late for any reason, you’ll get a penalty point for every 30 seconds late back so ensure to keep those eyes on the clock!

If you’d like to find out more about this genuine, friendly and welcoming outdoor event-based company and embark on a new adventure, do visit and sign up to one of their unique races today -you’ll have a blast! Check them out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too!

Benjamin Ensall

Benjamin is an advocate of the health and wellbeing lifestyle and the positive impact it can make on people’s lives. He has national and international experience as a Senior Personal Trainer, Food Psychology Behaviour Coach and Healthcare Technician and strives to make a difference. He helps facilitate the realisation of one's potential to achieve a happier and healthier life.

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