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Hailing from the beautiful Nordic country of Finland, the Roberts family have been producing quality food products for over 100 years. Fortunately, they have always been health-conscious in their approach; in order to truly benefit the consumer not only in taste but Nordic vitality. The healthy and tasty Berrie products are created within the Roberts plant in Turku, Finland.

Berrie offers consumers a range of wild Nordic berries in a convenient way. Berrie is already distributed internationally in countries such as the USA and China but soon, Roberts’ Berrie products will hopefully be gracing our shores, too this year! As an avid gym-rat myself, I was very fortunate to try out and review a box of Roberts Berrie + Protein snacks and ‘mixed’ selection box; I have to say that like a good magician, I was able to make the fruity little tubs disappear in no time at all…


Wild Bilberry & Pomegranate + Protein: Water, whole bilberries (15 %), bilberry juice (15 %), pomegranate juice (15 %), sweetening apple extract, protein (collagen peptides), lemon juice, citrus fibre, natural flavour, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Cloudberry & Sea Buckthorn + Collagen: Water, whole cloudberries (14 %), whole sea buckthorns (12 %), sweetening apple extract, apple pure, hydrolysed collagen (VERISOL ®), lemon juice, citrus fibre, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Blackcurrant & Strawberry: Blackcurrant juice (25 %), whole blackcurrants (20 %), water, whole strawberries (15 %), strawberry juice (15 %), sweetening apple extract, apple juice concentrate, citrus fibre, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Wild Bilberry: Whole bilberries (40 %), water, sweetening apple extract, bilberry juice (10 %), citrus fibre, lemon juice, natural flavorings, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Lingonberry & Cranberry: Water, whole lingonberries (17 %), whole cranberries (14 %), sweetening apple extract, grape juice, citrus fibre, preservative (potassium sorbate), natural flavouring.

Sea Buckthorn: Water, whole sea buckthorns (30 %), sweetening apple extract, apple puree (7 %), citrus fibre, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Wild Bilberry & Plum + Fiber: Water, bilberry (25 %), apple juice, plum (15 %), sweetening apple extract, maltodextrin (fibre Fibersol®- 2), citrus fibre, lemon juice concentrate, flavour, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Wild Bilberry & Raspberry: Water, whole bilberries (25 %), whole raspberries (20 %), apple pure, sweetening apple extract, citrus fibre, natural flavourings, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Nutrition: Although the pot is relatively small in size, this little 59-79 low calorie tub certainly ‘packs a health punch’ as it contains numerous antioxidants such as anthocyanins which protect our cells from damage by stopping nasty free radicals from building up; therefore shielding you from developing cancer forming cells. Also high in fibre which aids our digestive system, this could help to lower cholesterol; decreasing the chances of life-taking heart disease. For me personally, I am not necessarily great with milk products so discovering this product is lactose-free was an added bonus

Although I originally tried the wild bilberry & pomegranate + protein flavour, the various other products I reviewed such as lingonberry & cranberry, blackcurrant & strawberry and even sea buckthorn to name a few were each of top quality and I felt truly spoilt for choice which prevented any berry boredom!

As an ex-resident from the Nordic region myself (Norway), I’d like to believe I know good berries! As well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals which activate important chemical reactions within the human body for optimum function of all aspects, this protein version of Roberts Berrie tubs contain a decent 7g protein and 11g naturally occurring carbohydrates per 100ml so it’s a quick and easy-on-the-go drink to achieving 1 of your 5 a day plus a little extra protein boost for those hard-earned muscles and glowing skin! For the other versions, they each provide a health benefit such as vitamin C to fight against infection and collagen to improve skin elasticity. They are also gluten-free so appeal to people who have allergies to wheat, rye, oat and barley so they can benefit everyone in one way or another. The macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) vary depending on the flavour chosen but there are only slight differences.


Wild Bilberry & Pomegranate + Protein:  As a person who is very much interested in empowering my health, feeling energised and improving the way I feel on a daily basis, I am always looking for exciting, new and healthy products which meet the criteria I set and benefit me. As a keen foodie, taste is also very important to me but as soon as I lifted the cup to drink, this wonderful aroma drifted up through my nose and I then knew it could only get better. After finally placing the edge of the tub on my lips and consuming this berrylicious liquid concoction, I certainly was not discouraged to reach for another as the subtle sweetness of the bilberry compliments the refreshing zing of the pomegranate extremely well. Berrie + Protein is an easy and tasty way to add protein to my daily diet.

Cloudberry & Sea Buckthorn + Collagen: I personally have never tried cloudberry or sea buckthorn so I did not know what to expect if I am honest. As a tore open the tub, I was met with a fruity tang that with was quite strong but like nothing experienced before. After placing it to my lips, I took a good swig and swirl, the flavour was difficult to explain as it compared to no other fruit but it was very sweet to say the least and was tart too with a gentle sour kick so did awaken my tastebuds! The cloudberries are classed as the Nordic berries and juicy similar to that of melon but orange in colour whereas sea buckthorn is a favourite in Scotland. As for the texture of this drink, the seeds had been grounded down but were slightly seedy so to me, it felt very fibrous indeed and therefore excellent for my digestive health. In addition to cloudberries and sea buckthorn Berrie + Beauty contains collagen, which is needed for healthy skin.

Essential workout fuel care of Roberts Berrie

Essential workout fuel care of Roberts Berrie

Blackcurrant & Strawberry: As a child, I was addicted to Ribena and as a result, my teeth darkened quickly and eventually fell out unfortunately. However, I always appreciated the taste of blackcurrant but now opt for the natural versions of the berry. With the combination of strawberry, it truly enhanced the smell and taste but felt the blackcurrant slightly overpowered the strawberry in terms of flavour as that is exactly what I wanted. As blackcurrants are packed with vitamin C, my immune system was certainly going to get the boost it required but the smell was delicate yet the taste on my tongue was powerful and highly appreciated. This had a sweet berry taste and left a strong refreshing sensation at the back of my throat; one of my favourites so far!

Wild Bilberry: This drink expressed health and vitality from the beginning; no wonder wild bilberries are called the Nordic superberries! Another one of my favourite fruits; bilberries are quite sharp for some people but to me, the zing was absolutely perfect and you could tell that Roberts Berrie had truly experimented in order to figure out the correct number of berries to use; this was spot on in my opinion. As the lid opened, a light blueberry type smell drifted towards my nose that was only pleasant. Once I took a sip of this pure perfection potion, I felt the grainy texture glide gently towards the opening of my throat but I allowed the berries to linger, in order to stimulate the mind for a while longer as I was enjoying the potency that this small little tub gave to me. I believe that Roberts Berrie never hold back when it comes to flavour and they will dominate any other competitor whose drinks can be too watery in my opinion. After a Roberts Berrie drink, you feel as if you are actually benefitting yourself inside and out.

Lingonberry & Cranberry: I think I have found a new breakfast boost in the morning! Mmm everything about this drink appealed to me: the cherry-like aroma (yes, I did say cherry) elevating up through the tiny spill-proof hole, the powerful impact that the cranberries had within the hollow cave of my mouth was magnificent; fruity punch with a lingonberry burst that was slightly bitter yet very tart. I am grateful of the slightly coarse texture and was left with a delightfully sweet aftertaste that satisfied my cravings immensely; I would definitely recommend this flavour in particular as I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

Sea Buckthorn: This is quite a unique flavour to say the least and in all honesty, although pleasant to my palate, it would be an acquired taste to a few other people. In terms of being different with relation to smell, it very much is and even though it emits a potent, citrus-type scent, I felt there was a slight ‘tang’ to it which lingered up my nostrils. I then drew the cup to my lips and took a sip of this bright orange liquid concoction and was blown away by the impact it had within my mouth. The flavour was a little bitter but had an enjoyable sour tartiness that was not like anything I had been exposed to before. Sea buckthorn is very rich in natural vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and plant sterols and a lot of research has been conducted on their positive effects on health.

Wild Bilberry & Plum + Fiber: I believe the lingonberry tub now has some true competition with this petite pot of antioxidant flooded magic! The anticipation of tearing open this drink was very high as I have a great appreciation for plums as a fruit; due to how juicy they are and how hydrated you feel after consuming them after a tough workout; my opinion anyway! The smell was very light with a slight hint of bilberry circulating in the air but not overpowering. The next stage was the taste and the texture and as expected, it left me beaming with happiness because I knew I was benefitting my health whilst boosting my mood with a fresh, fruity flavour. Have you ever heard the song “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles? Well, I would compare this flavour to that song; it was smooth, silky and super cool in terms of texture; my new name for it is “Purple Velvet”! I believe Roberts Berrie have made an excellent drink here, now it is your turn to try…Berrie + Fiber contains soluble Fibersol®-2 fibre and one tub provides 20 % of the recommended daily allowance for fibre – more than a plate of oatmeal porridge!

Wild Bilberry & Raspberry: My final pot of goodness came in the form of bilberry and raspberries. This antioxidant drenched mix was absolutely delicious as it contained 2 of my favourite fruits; especially raspberries which is potentially number 1 ‘battling it out’ against bananas and sharon fruit. The freshness bursting through the top of the drinking hole was magnificent as the lid of the tub flew open and surrounded my nose with a clean, ripe berry smell. Next up was the ‘taste test’ and the drink did go above and beyond in terms of flavour; it did truly impress me! As I enjoyed it so much, it had disappeared in seconds and I was left searching for the very last drop. As for the texture, I could truly feel the purity and strength within due to the gentle seedy consistency but it was very pleasant and I certainly felt I was absorbing plenty of vitamins and minerals as a result! If you care about your health, this is a great option to choose!

What I do like about this snack is that the lid is easy to peel and has a tiny hole to drink from which prevents spillage and it can be consumed at room temperature so it can be carried anywhere you can think of, no excuses; making it an easy on-the-go option to maintain your energy levels when you feel pushed for time. However, if you keep it cool in the fridge, once you open the lid, the flavour party begins as I found it to be one of the most refreshing products to consume that still has a smooth consistency; making drinking this berry drink, effortless.

Value: Within a multipack, there are 12 x 100ml tubs, which works out to cost around 25 euros per box; equivalent to £21.58 exactly. This would mean that each tub is priced at around £1.80. Although you may think that the price may seem a little steep at first, when you factor in the number of benefits that actually come with it and then think about how much the berries themselves cost, or a pint of beer or glass of wine at your friendly neighbourhood Italian restaurant, it may be much more reasonable than you originally thought; invest in your health and it will invest in you. I would highly recommend these myself and would be happy to try one of the other flavours next time.

Summary: I am all for taste, great long-lasting health but due to having a devilish sweet tooth, often, my greedy beady little eyes can sometimes overwhelm me and I can be drawn away by luxurious cakes decorated with lashings of cream. However, fortunately I felt that these were the perfect remedy to substitute and cure my craving for something naughtily sweet without the feeling of remorse, fatigue or bloating; especially after an intense workout which leaves me feeling drained and frantically searching for a boost to replenish my energy levels as quickly as possible.

For more information on these tasty products, please visit: Roberts where you can also order them online.  Do take a look at their interesting Facebook page too!

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