5 Great Reasons To Practice Breathing Exercises!

Your breath is your power! Your life force carries vital energy needed for your growth and development but we often forget to breathe or we may breathe incorrectly. Posture also plays an important role in optimising your breathing; do you find yourself bent over at your desk or habitually hunched or slouching? Imagine your organs getting squeezed together, it’ll cause a lack of fresh oxygen entering your bloodstream, which inevitably results in a lack of performance mentally and physically. Breath science research suggests that the following are 5 Great Reasons To Practice Breathing Exercises!

1. Reduces anxiety, depression and stress
When you find yourself anxious, sad or stressed your breathing may become shorter, shallower and more rapid. By practicing breathing exercises you can focus on the breath itself which helps bring you back into balance. By balancing your in and out breaths slowly and deeply you will reduce anxiety, depression, stress and naturally feel more calm.

2. Lowers and stabilizes blood pressure
High blood pressure can be caused by numerous things such as stressful, negative emotions which often affect us physically. A great way to lower blood pressure is to be more conscious of your breath,  and see the stressor in a more objective fashion, balance is then much easier to achieve. Daily breathing exercises help you lower blood pressure and by the same token, help you feel more naturally tranquil, harmonious and in sync.

3. Increases energy levels
A lack of oxygen in the body will cause fatigue. Practicing breathing exercises daily will help boost your energy levels by bringing more oxygen into your brain and your body, greater oxygen will of course produce more energy. Having more energy gives you the capacity and confidence to do more, which can also lead to weight loss and feeling much better, uplifted and refreshed within yourself.

4. Creates relaxation
Tension is the result of a lack of relaxation. Breathing slowly and deeply creates a sense of inner space, renewal, rejuvenation and invigoration. By closing your eyes and focusing on your breath you can create instant relaxation. You will feel all your muscles relax, your body will rest while your mind is still alert yet focused, with regular practice you will achieve a sense of conviction that your body is your temple.

5. Improves overall physical and mental health
When you are not breathing properly, whether it’s either too fast or too slow, your body does not receive enough oxygen, therefore it will not function at its optimum level. By practicing your breathing exercises daily you can deliberately fill your body with greater oxygen and experience the benefit of greater mental clarity, improved physical health, vigour and vitality -you can even effectively slow the ageing process according to precise mathematical formulae, yes it’s true. Meantime, you’ll find that even the simplest daily tasks become easier and more enjoyable.

Would you like to feel your best, would you like to fill your lungs with air and feel energized, would you like to feel relaxed by inhaling and exhaling, would you like to calm your mind and feel serene for a moment or for the whole day, month or year?  There’s more coming up on this fascinating subject soon so stay tuned! There’s an old Chinese proverb that says: If you know the art of breathing, you have the strength, wisdom and courage of ten tigers!

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