Top 5 Health Benefits of Birch Water!

You may have heard about birch water or thought it was another type of coconut water (like I did!) but it has some surprising health benefits. A sweet and light syrup, it’s basically the sap that comes from the – you guessed it – birch tree. It is sourced by fixing a tap onto the trunk of the tree in spring and collecting the dripping sap in a vessel. Read on to discover our Top 5 Health Benefits of Birch Water!

1. Helps flush out toxins
It has uricosuric properties which help the body to eliminate uric acid and other unwanted chemicals. Uric acid is a by-product of protein digestion and a build-up can lead to gout. Whilst the kidneys do a great job at getting rid of waste products, birch water can definitely give you that extra boost. Moreover, intense exercise can produce uric acid as the body is utilising energy – so try keeping a bottle in your gym bag for a post session top up.

2. Beat the bloat
Studies have shown that birch water is twice as effective at getting rid of excess salt and water than distilled water. Some other diuretics can cause a build-up of uric acid, but birch water is a natural way to relieve water retention without this side effect.

3. Good for your teeth
Birch water is a lower sugar alternative to coconut water with 1g vs 3.4g per 100ml respectively. However, keep an eye on flavoured birch waters as some manufacturers bump up the sugar content. So what gives birch water its sweetness? Birch water contains the naturally occurring sweetener Xylitol– the tooth friendly ingredient found in sugar free gum and toothpaste. This helps prevent sugar from sticking to your teeth so swap sugar-laden drinks for birch water to keep your pearly whites bright!

4. Get the glow!
Birch water is bursting with vitamin C which stimulates cell renewal and therefore could act as an anti-ager whilst providing you with a youthful glow. It can also be applied directly to the face as a face wash to provide your skin with lots of essential vitamins and minerals.

5. Lowers cholesterol
It contains a cholesterol reducing chemical called saponin. Saponins help to reduce blood cholesterol levels by binding with the cholesterol present in the blood making it less available for absorption. One study performed on rats found that those which ingested saponins gained significantly less weight than those on the same diet without them.

Many birch water products are available to buy online, in health stores and several supermarkets. If you don’t want to buy it and happen to have a birch tree in your garden, watch the video above demonstrating how to obtain your own.  It’s a severely underrated drink and relatively new to the UK. Perhaps with a little promotion and publicity it may well turn out to be this year’s coconut water! Got something to say about birch water? Tell us below or @ KeepfitKingdom !

Kristen Ivie

Kristen is a self-confessed health and fitness fanatic which is favourable considering she is a keen baker of all things sweet. She loves trying new exercises and is always up for a challenge especially if it's fun. She's a big believer in everything in moderation and making sure a healthy lifestyle is enjoyable and sustainable. She's been interested in nutrition and fitness since she's been a child, her enthusiasm leading her to a degree in Nutrition and Human Health. She's been working as a health coach for almost 3 years. In her spare time she enjoys yoga and long walks with her puppy Scooby Doo.

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