Spring Breakfast: 5 Delicious & Healthy Recipes You’ll LOVE! 

Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day, since, after the hours of rest, it kick starts our metabolism and serves to replenish minerals and vitamins.

Spring is a season where color abounds, and with the recent change in season, there should be changes reflected in our eating habits in order to achieve a healthier regimen or plan to lose weight for the summer. 

Want to multiply the scope and variety of flavors for your first meal of the day for a breakfasting taste explosion? Then you’re in the right place! Follow right on along for Spring Breakfast: 5 Delicious & Healthy Recipes You’ll LOVE

1. Bowl of Forest Fruits, with Seeds & Nuts

To prepare this delicious recipe, you only need to mix 50g of raspberries, 50g of blueberries, 30g of banana, some natural, or soy yogurt, a tablespoon of cinnamon, a little cardamom and a little vanilla extract. 

Mix it all up then put everything in a bowl adding raspberries, blueberries, nuts and a mix of seeds until the entire top of the bowl is covered. Finally, garnish with a little grated coconut on top.

2. Seed Toast with Tomato, Avocado & Egg

To make this wonderful breakfast, first, toast your chosen bread. Then add crushed avocado on your toast and a little tomato (sliced, or crushed). Then, boil the eggs to your desired level of firmness, place it on your toast and cover with chia seeds.

3. Oat, Raspberry, Peach & Mango Smoothie

For this yummy breakfast recipe we will only need to mix 4 tablespoons of oats, 100ml milk, 20g raspberries, 20g peach, 20g of mango and a tablespoon of honey into a blender. Blitz everything and add to a glass. 

Depending on your desired consistency, add more milk or water. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top for extra flavor!

4. Oatmeal & Banana Pancakes

This is a very simple recipe. Simply beat an egg, 40g of oatmeal, and a small ripe banana together with a little cinnamon. Once mixed, put a little oil in a pan over medium-high heat, and pour small portions of the mixture into the pan. 

When it starts to bubble, turn it over and leave it for about a minute on the other side. As they become ready, stack them on a plate to keep them warm. Enjoy!

5. Blueberry Cookies

Firstly, preheat the oven to 180ºC. In a bowl, add 2 cups of flour, 2 tablespoons of sugar, honey or dates, 1 tablespoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt. Mix it all up. After, add 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and stir again. 

Lastly, add 75ml milk and 1 tablespoon of lemon zest. Mix again and turn the resulting dough into small balls. 

Place them in the oven on baking paper and leave to bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until they are golden. Once done, let them cool and get ready to indulge a sumptuous treat!

Undoubtedly, any of these delicious breakfast recipes make perfect accompaniments to a tasty coffee, making a great, healthy way to jumpstart your day with a vigorous and sustainable energy. So, which are you going to put together and enjoy? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

Maria Sanchez

María Sánchez from Spain, is a Dietitian and Nutritionist. She loves her career, being able to help and teach others, including sharing her knowledge and experience through the writing and publishing of nutrition articles. She believes that nutrition is a very important science in life, and that the correct type of diet can help prevent diseases for which we simply don't have effective cures. Her mission is to educate people on healthy eating to achieve optimum well-being.

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