Foodie Podcasts: 5 Worth Listening To!

With many restrictive lockdown measures still in place, the majority of us have taken to getting creative in the kitchen and the fascination and enjoyment towards food has increased fivefold. Banana bread, pancake cereal, Katsu curry, we’ve all been there. But why not further fuel this fascination ...

On Your Bike! Top 6 Benefits of Cycling

Cycling brings with it an array of benefits and although the cost of a bike can vary from the very basic budget bikes, (around £80-£120) to more specialist bikes (around the £400-£1,000 mark and upwards), cycling, even with the most basic bike still brings wonderful health benefits. Now that ...

Interview with Dr Michael Dixon

Dr Michael Dixon is the National Clinical Lead for Social Prescription (NHS England), Medical Advisor to HRH Prince of Wales and Chairman of the College of Medicine in London. In this extended feature with Dr Dixon, we focus on health, wellness and the growth of social prescribing. It has now ...

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