Pescatarian to Vegan: 6 Things You Need to Be Aware of!

Eating less meat is always a great thing to do and has many benefits ranging from medical and ethical to environmental. But what if you already eat less meat and are currently on a pescatarian diet and want to go full on into the meatless realm? You’re already half-way there so what’s stopping you? Transitioning from pescatarian to vegan can be just as hard as going pescatarian was in the first place. Find out some of the challenges you’ll probably be faced with in Pescatarian to Vegan: 6 Things You Need to Be Aware of!

1. Psychological Barrier

Firstly, the psychological barrier. So you’ve given up red meat, but just like the initial challenge of stripping out red-meat for pescatarians, going through the ethical debate, changing your mindset and revisiting your morals can be tough. It usually takes a little more time to consider things like ethical options!

2. Eating Out

Whether it’s your family gathering or a concert, the availability of vegan options in certain instances might itself seem unpalatable. At least with the pescatarian diet there were more options, with veganism there’s always a possibility of awkwardness not to mention leaving that social event with an empty stomach.

Also, eating out (although options are increasing) can be limited. Vegetables might be cooked with ingredients that vegans are trying to avoid such as chicken or meat stock and gelatine.

3. Social Pressure

It can be a daunting task answering questions and trying to explain the arguments for your choice. And if you live with meat-eaters, being a vegan can prove downright hard. Declining food options, can leave your friend or family member feeling a bit offended, as well as eventually less social invitations.

4. Dairy No Longer Acceptable

With veganism that’s a big no-no. If you’ve grown up with having milk and eating cheese due to social conditioning, it’s natural to crave them and it can be hard to turn your back on them. Yes, there are vegan options now, but you might still crave those traditional options as they contain those feel good elements that trigger happy hormones, ie. cheese.

5. Cravings for Meaty Flavours

With pescatarianism, that could be satisfied with a wonderful sea-bass meal topped with exquisite tasting prawns. But now, that delicious home-cooked paella that your mum cooked is no longer an option. And paella is a difficult meal to replicate with purely vegan ingredients.

6. Conscious Budgeting

Veganism isn’t ‘cheap’ per se, it can be more expensive than pescatarianism. You can do it on a budget, just be mindful if you’re really going vegan, you may find that things cost a bit more in the beginning until you find out how to do it economically. Vegan specialty and convenience foods can sometimes cost double or even three times what their meat and dairy equivalents do.

Despite the challenges, you will find taking steps in the direction of becoming more plant-based, or vegan, much healthier for you. It can bring you an awareness and appreciation that is psychologically positive and more socially conscious as well as naturally harmonising with physical fitness.

Like most things that are worthwhile in life, it just takes a little effort and time to adjust to the changes. So stick with the switch from pescatarian to vegan for 30 days at a time and note the positive differences. The smallest change can make a world of difference to you. If you can overcome the initial challenges, you will find yourself undoubtedly living a much happier and freer life!

Are you thinking of making the switch from eating fish to full-on plant-based? What challenges have you come up against? Can you relate to what’s been discussed above? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. In the meantime check out these healthy foodie articles and whatever your diet, Keep YOUR Fit ON!

Giselle Tadman

Giselle is transitioning vegan currently studying an MA in Creative Writing at the Open University. She has been interested in health and fitness for several years and her favourite activities include yoga and martial arts. Other interests include writing, poetry and computer science.

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