Get Leaner without a Gym!

To get leaner, faster, you have to burn as much body fat as you can. The more you get used to reducing your body into a puddle of sweat, the better your results will be. Putting in the hours for exercising or aerobic conditioning whether in the gym or outside of it is never a waste of time. Just like if you went on a detoxifying program, each extra round of improvement would bring you a rewarding return on your effort investment. Likewise, each drop of sweat that you produce counts in the grand scheme of um, well, bodily things. Health buffs usually sign up for a gym membership to map out and achieve their fitness and body goals. But it’s not the only way, read on for Get Leaner without a Gym!

There are specific exercises that will help your body to continue burning fat and calories even when you’re already at rest. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) is the process that your body goes through after a certain amount of high-intensity training. Health experts call it the afterburn, in which your metabolism spikes long after you’ve left the running track or even the gym.

Where you choose to do your workouts is not important. What matters is the intensity and duration. To maximize your efforts, achieve results faster, vaporize body fat, and get leaner without having to pay extra money, by following these steps.

Put More Spring into Your Step

Running is frequently the go-to choice for losing weight. You can do it anytime and anywhere. But it’s the intensity of your run that determines its effectiveness.

Runs can be the longer, but slower runs or shorter, but faster sprints. Both types can give you that much-needed burn off of your body’s fat and carb reserves. But the amount of burn depends on the degree of intensity that you put into it whilst running.

Longer runs involve a lower intensity, which will push your body to plough through calories from fat stores rather than from carbs. But when you increase the intensity of your run, you’ll burn a bigger percentage and use up more fat from your bodily stores. You’ll see the results of your hard work faster when you mix both low and high-intensity intervals into your running sessions

A moderate to high-running intensity helps you torch more calories. The higher the intensity of the run, the more your body will keep burning through your reserves way beyond the time you’ve actually stopped running. Adding more of a spring into every step you take will also increase your chances of seeing results much sooner rather than later. Also, to reduce the chances of injury, use elastic tapes before doing your low and high-intensity runs.

Perform 2-minute, no-equipment workouts

Other than the fat-burning possibilities on the running track, you can also take your fat-fighting efforts to the mat. Since part of the goal is not to have to spend extra cash, there are killer moves you can do without needing a gym, an instructor or trainer.

While you can’t control where your body stores the dreaded fat it gains, you can build up lean muscles to decrease them. By developing specific muscle groups and managing the intensity in performing workouts, you can take your weight-loss potential a step further. High-intensity exercise requires more energy and condition your body to use fat stores as fuel.

Extra pounds usually tend to fall around the lower body, ie., in the hips, the belly, and the thigh area. That is why performing high-intensity workouts that focus on these areas can bring significant results. Start with two easy but high-impact crunch types: the toe touch crunch and the bicycle crunch.

Toe Crunch

To perform the toe-touch crunch, you need to lie on your back, preferably on a mat. Use your abdomen to raise your body, and bring your shoulders off the ground. Raise your arms forward, and position them right above your chest area.

Do the same with your legs, drawing strength from your thighs, so you can reach up and let your fingertips and toes touch. Try not to lift your hips when doing this motion, so you crunch the right muscles. When your fingertips and toes have touched, move your shoulders and legs down back to the ground slowly. Repeat the same movement for about 20-30 seconds.

As you become more comfortable with the crunch movement, add more intensity by performing it faster after several repetitions. There are always endless ways to increase intensity!

Bicycle Crunch

As for the bicycle crunch, resume the same position, lying on your back, on the mat. Place both hands at the back of your head and interlock your fingers. Your elbows should be pointing out to your sides.

This time, it will be your elbows and knees that will touch up. To do this, raise your right knee while slowly lifting your left shoulder. Drawing strength from your abdomen, curl up your body so you’ll be in a slightly inclined positioned. Be careful not to pull on your neck.

Move your knees toward the center of your body, and do the same with your elbows by curling your body sideways. Do the same for your left knee and right elbow.

For maximum impact, intensify the movement by doing it faster and completing more sets in a timeframe of about 20 to 30 seconds. After repeating several crunches, you’ll feel the burning of your abdomen, thighs, arms, and shoulders quite readily!

Take Power-naps to fast-charge yourself

High-intensity exercises will tap into a tremendous amount of your bodily energy. Taking ‘power naps’ will help you perk up, especially if you are doing these workouts in between the days of your usual work week. Natural sleep time aside, taking 15-20-minute naps should suffice to recharge your energy levels so you’re puissant and ready to go for the rest of the day.

Amazing thing, the human body isn’t it? Or shall we talk about the mind behind it? Stay tuned for more as we’ll assuredly revisit this subject! What tips do you have on getting and staying lean without the use of a gym? Let us know in the comments below, and follow the conversation on Facebook, TwitterInstagram! Get creative with your training, check out these other articles on bodyweight and moving like an animal-type workouts designed to help you Keep YOUR Fit ON!

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