Bodybuilding: When Should You Start Taking Supplements?

Bodybuilding supplements offer bodybuilders immense benefits as they aim to build lean muscle onto their physical frames. Supplements include glutamine, proteins, and creatine which are essential amino acids vital for muscle and tissue development.  However, when you begin taking these supplements, you need to ensure that you are consuming them at the right time for maximum efficiency and results.

If you get it wrong, these products might not work optimally in helping you gain lean muscle mass. A combination of the above supplements, multivitamin along with some fish oil will help you gain great lean muscle mass. Continue on for Bodybuilding: When Should You Start Taking Supplements?

When can you start taking supplements?

After joining a gym and starting to work out, many people wonder about when they are supposed to start taking bodybuilding supplements. Some supplements are good for helping you attain a lean and muscular physique. Therefore, bodybuilders are right when it comes to wanting to purchase them.

This is especially true when you are going for genuine products available on the market carrying minimal side effects. However, there are several things that you should consider before making a supplement purchase.  

You may have probably noticed some glossy adverts in the magazines purporting to present you with the best bodybuilding solutions on the market – but these are likely just marketing ploys. This is because these products may not be providing the real value that people are looking for when considering bodybuilding supplements.

An article in the local dailies stated that before you think of when to start taking bodybuilding supplements, there are many other concerns that you should settle for yourself. The author further stated that before this, you need to settle the how, when, and why!

Why do you need bodybuilding supplements?

If you have a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle and a comprehensive workout program, you can easily gain lean muscle without taking bodybuilding supplements. However, you need to pay attention to how your body actually sculpts by selecting workouts that produce the desired results. The end result can be just as excellent.

If you are looking for a fast body transformation however, you might want to consider bodybuilding supplements. These supplements have the ability to transform your body from a flabby or slim stature to a masculine brawny one within a very short time.

Bodybuilding supplements on the market go by the names: muscle builders, fat-burners, and athletic performance enhancers. Whatever the name you call them; these products are going to make you gain lean muscle fast. However, they need to be combined with exercise and workout.  

Before purchasing or taking these types of supplements, it is important to ensure that the product has been tested and proven to be effective and safe. Always do your research beforehand.

You can easily find information on a specific product by checking forums and reviews online. These places have reliable information on the manufacturer, the reliability of the products, the professional ratings, and the necessary approvals. Here is a site where you can find quality bodybuilding supplement reviews and guides online.

What are your options?

You should only continue with bodybuilding supplements when you are sure that the diet that you have isn’t adequate for your bodily aims. Supplements will also be very helpful in cutting down visceral and subcutaneous fat from your midsection. The best supplements on the market are those that boost your stamina and energy as well.

Also, you should opt for bodybuilding supplements that increase nitric oxide circulation in the body and promote protein synthesis. The best muscle supplement on the market should aid in the repair, development and recovery of muscle fibres. Below are some of the supplements that can promote muscular growth in bodybuilding: 


Creatine is a nitrogenous acid that can be produced by the body. It is also obtained from proteinrich foods such as salmon, eggs, and beef.

However, the acid is used up during intense training and weight lifting. This is because the compound is used in the production of adenosine Triphosphate that is used up in the process of flexing and contracting muscle.

That is why creatine is the most popular supplement for athletes needing a sudden burst of energy such as sprinters, gymnasts, wrestlers, football players and more.  

Whey Protein

This is an organic food that contains all 9 essential amino acids that make up protein. These are the nutrients that are necessary for muscle formation in the body. Whey protein is the liquid that is left after cheese is derived from cow’s milk.

To answer the question on when you should start taking bodybuilding supplements as a beginner bodybuilder, it is advisable to do so after you have had 4-6 weeks of intensive training. At this time, your muscles are primed and ready for fast growth.

When it comes to frequency and timing, a lot depends on the supplements that you are going to take. It is therefore advisable to follow the instructions on the container or packet to ensure the right dosage and frequency.

Some of these supplements are taken a few minutes before hitting the gym while others are taken during the workout itself. You will also find that there are supplements that have to be taken post workout for maximum efficacy.

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