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Back in 1873, Charles Harrison Blackley identified the first allergen, pollen, which caused his sneezing. Almost 150 years later, humankind still hasn’t found the cure to all allergens. Although we can’t find the cure for them, we’re still trying to find out what causes them to help others understand their sensitivity and all different types of allergies.

Discoveries through history

In 1914, the first injections were introduced. These were designed to build-up one’s immune system, and in the 1930’s, antihistamines were discovered. Then in 1953, mast cells were found, and their discovery helped to identify what caused a certain allergy.

How allergies affect us today

One of the most well known and widespread allergies is asthma. It is thought that more than 200 million people worldwide suffer from an allergy that is related to it. About 5% of the population has insect sting allergies, due to which at least 90-100 deaths occur each year.

Types of allergic reactions

Did you know that between 30 and 60 million people in the United States are being affected by allergic rhinitis (hay fever) every year? They experience things like sneezing or coughing, itchy throat, mouth or ears, and even a temporary loss of smell. Allergic asthma is followed by coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, fast breathing and tightening of the chest. People who experience an asthma attack feel like they can’t breathe and like they’re constantly choking.

Prevention and treatment of allergies

The best way to prevent allergies is to keep away from the things that you’re allergic to, which seems like common sense, perhaps easier said than done. For example, if you have a food allergy to a certain type of food, avoid eating it for a period of time and see if there are other types of similar foods that, when consumed, don’t have the same negative effect on you. Isolate the troublesome substances and get clear on your relationship and decisions about those things, as much as you can. As there are different types of allergies, there are also various types of treatments.

Check out the infographic below to become an expert in allergies. You’ll learn pretty much everything about all the types, how you can prevent them, and even treat them in Allergies: 90 Things You Need to Know!

90+ Things You Need to Know About Allergies — infographic

Do you suffer from any allergies? If so, which ones? What’s been the best way so far for you to manage the symptoms or have you found a permanent cure that works for you? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Here are some of our previous infographic articles on: the medical benefits of CBD, Gluten-Free, cycling and arthritis / joint pain that you might find helpful. Meantime, whatever you’re going through, KEEP CALM AND KEEP YOUR FIT ON!

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