A Spoonful of Molasses!

Just think of molasses as liquid sugar with added nutritional properties. They are extracted during the process of refining sugarcane , leaving all the beneficial nutrients of the sugarcane behind. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits A Spoonful of Molasses can offer you!

Just one tablespoon of molasses provides us with 70% of our recommended daily intake of iron! This is the perfect solution for adolescent females, pregnant women or anyone who may be slightly deficient in iron. Molasses are also high in calcium and magnesium, two minerals essential for optimal bone health, in a ratio that is conveniently ideal for optimal absorption. Other nutritional benefits include being a good source of copper (for healthy hair), manganese (for energy release) as well as being suitable for diabetics due to its low glycemic load, and with only 30 calories per serving it’s the ideal sweetener for weight-loss! How much sweeter could a sweetener get eh?

Molasses are dark in colour and have a tar-like texture, with a slightly bitter-sweet taste that may take some time to get used to. Some people eat molasses straight from the spoon, but if you are like me and have not quite warmed to molasses’ unique taste, you’ll find they’re a fantastic sweetener in porridge, cereal, cakes, cookies, smoothies, and in a cup of tea according to my dad!

My favourite brand of molasses is by Meridian which you can purchase from Holland and Barrett and most other health food shops. A typical 740g jar costs approximately £3 but it does last a very long time as a little goes a long way. So for an affordable and convenient nutritional boost, I urge you to give molasses a try!

Shannon Lawlor

Shannon is a 24 year-old passionate vegan and health enthusiast living in Beijing, China. Shannon has a solid knowledge of nutrition from spending 2 years of her life as a student dietitian. She enjoys applying her knowledge of food and nutrition to help others achieve optimal health. Shannon loves trying new foods and is constantly creating new vegan recipes. Shannon is energetic and likes keeping active by weight training, walking her dog or doing yoga.

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  1. I found this really useful Shannon, and would now consider purchasing molasses in the future with the benefits it has, thank you!

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