Sugar vs Sweetener: Which is Better?

With the recent launch of the government obesity strategy, it follows that we should all be more mindful about the foods we’re consuming. One particular issue is our sugar intake, as these often exceed the recommended daily allowance. Adults should be aiming to consume less than 90g of sugar daily, ...

5 Top Health Benefits of Stevia!

Stevia, what is it and why does it sound like the female version of Steven? Well I can only answer one of those questions. It's a sweetener and sugar substitute native to south America, extracted from the leaf of plant species Stevia rebaudiana. A lot of us love the sweet, sweet taste of sugar and ...

A Spoonful of Molasses!

Just think of molasses as liquid sugar with added nutritional properties. They are extracted during the process of refining sugarcane , leaving all the beneficial nutrients of the sugarcane behind. Let's take a quick look at the benefits A Spoonful of Molasses can offer you! Just one tablespoon ...

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