5 Influential Veganism Documentaries!

Most people know that veganism is on the rise and for reasons of health and ethics, is set to continue. Every year studies have shown that more and more people are transitioning toward becoming (vegetarian or) vegan. Not only does going vegan promise an impressive array of health benefits, it also encourages a more harmonious balance in the environment and animal kingdom. So, if you’d like to learn more about the vegan lifestyle, keep reading for an overview of 5 influential documentaries, films and TV programmes on the subject. Some documentaries are more traumatic such as the “Land of Hope and Glory” whilst others such as “What the Health” go about it with a bit more subtlety. Without further ado, here follow 5 Influential Veganism Documentaries!

1. Land of Hope and Glory

This is a 50 minute documentary which reveals a graphic insight into UK land animal farming. It uses undercover footage to capture the most recent up-to-date activity in relation to animal treatment. The documentary features over 100 facilities across the UK and is free to watch on YouTube.

2. What The Health

“What the Health” is a documentary-based film which looks at the USA’s health problems and how dubious governments work with large business organisations to gain money from these corporate outfits which provide the country with unhealthy foods ultimately making the nation sick and unhealthy. The film may change the way in which you view meat and other milk and dairy products you purchase. It has a running time of 92 minutes and is currently available on Netflix and YouTube.

3. Cowspiracy

Cowspiracy is an environmental documentary which explores animal culture and how this affects deforestation, water consumption, specie extension, ocean dead zones and many other issues which the environment faces. This film is 90 minutes’ long and is currently available on Netflix.

4. Forks Over Knives

This film explores the health benefits you stand to gain from consuming a plant-based diet. It goes on to explore how plant-based diets have helped some people reverse the symptoms and causes of chronic disease. It’s 92 minutes’ long and is currently available on Netflix.

5. Vegan Everyday Stories

This movie explores the life of four vegans from different backgrounds who pursue their everyday life, their career, hobbies and passions whilst following a vegan lifestyle. This movie also explores how being vegan doesn’t prevent you from being you and carrying out day to day activities that were once done whilst not being a vegan all the way up to and after turning to veganism. This film is 90 minutes and is available to watch free on YouTube.

A new lifestyle choice (without enough positive reasons) can be difficult to begin and no doubt will challenge your will to persist but fortunately there is an abundance of information available about veganism. There is also lot of help out there to support you on your vegan journey. Seen any of the above films, what are your views?  Let us know below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (Feel free to browse some of our previous vegan content too!) 

Sienna Blake

Sienna Blake is a health and fitness enthusiast with a strong passion for yoga. She currently studies Events and Leisure Marketing at Bournemouth University. She has been vegan for over a year and is always on the lookout for new food trends, restaurants and vegan products.

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